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Strings library

B.15 Strings library

Describes implementation-defined aspects of the Arm® C++ compiler and C++ library relating to the strings library, as required by the ISO C++ Standard.

Type of std::streamoff (
Type std::streamoff has type long long.
Type of std::streampos (
Type of std::streampos is fpos<mbstate_t>.
Returned value of char_traits<char16_t>::eof (
This function returns uint_least16_t(0xFFFF).
Type of std::u16streampos (
Type of std::u16streampos is fpos<mbstate_t>.
Returned value of char_traits<char32_t>::eof (
This function returns uint_least32_t(0xFFFFFFFF).
Type of std::u32streampos (
Type of std::u32streampos is fpos<mbstate_t>.
Type of std::wstreampos (
Type of std::wstreampos is fpos<mbstate_t>.
Supported multibyte character encoding rules (
UTF-8 and Shift-JIS are supported as multibyte character encodings.
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