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D1.15 --decode_build_attributes

Prints the contents of the build attributes section in human-readable form for standard build attributes or raw hexadecimal form for nonstandard build attributes.


The standard build attributes are documented in the Application Binary Interface for the Arm® Architecture.


This option has no effect for AArch64 state inputs.


The following example shows the output for --decode_build_attributes:

armclang --target=arm-arm-eabi-none -march=armv8-a -c hello.c -o hello.o
fromelf -v --decode_build_attributes hello.o

** Section #6

    Name        : .ARM.attributes
    Type        : SHT_ARM_ATTRIBUTES (0x70000003)
    Flags       : None (0x00000000)
    Addr        : 0x00000000
    File Offset : 112 (0x70)
    Size        : 74 bytes (0x4a)
    Link        : SHN_UNDEF
    Info        : 0
    Alignment   : 1
    Entry Size  : 0

    'aeabi' file build attributes:
    0x000000:   43 32 2e 30 39 00 05 63 6f 72 74 65 78 2d 61 35    C2.09..cortex-a5
    0x000010:   33 00 06 0e 07 41 08 01 09 02 0a 07 0c 03 0e 00    3....A..........
    0x000020:   11 01 12 04 14 01 15 01 17 03 18 01 19 01 1a 02    ................
    0x000030:   22 00 24 01 26 01 2a 01 44 03                      ".$.&.*.D.
        Tag_conformance = "2.09"
        Tag_CPU_name = "cortex-a53"
        Tag_CPU_arch = ARM v8 (=14)
        Tag_CPU_arch_profile = The application profile 'A' (e.g. for Cortex A8)
        Tag_ARM_ISA_use = ARM instructions were permitted to be used (=1)
        Tag_THUMB_ISA_use = Thumb2 instructions were permitted (implies Thumb in
structions permitted) (=2)
        Tag_VFP_arch = Use of the ARM v8-A FP ISA was permitted (=7)
        Tag_NEON_arch = Use of the ARM v8-A Advanced SIMD Architecture (Neon) wa
s permitted (=3)
        Tag_ABI_PCS_R9_use = R9 used as V6 (just another callee-saved register)
        Tag_ABI_PCS_GOT_use = Data are imported directly (=1)
        Tag_ABI_PCS_wchar_t = Size of wchar_t is 4 (=4)
        Tag_ABI_FP_denormal = This code was permitted to require IEEE 754 denorm
al numbers (=1)
        Tag_ABI_FP_exceptions = This code was permitted to check the IEEE 754 in
exact exception (=1)
        Tag_ABI_FP_number_model = This code may use all the IEEE 754-defined FP
encodings (=3)
        Tag_ABI_align8_needed = Code was permitted to depend on the 8-byte align
ment of 8-byte data items (=1)
        Tag_ABI_align8_preserved = Code was required to preserve 8-byte alignmen
t of 8-byte data objects (=1)
        Tag_ABI_enum_size = Enum containers are 32-bit (=2)
        Tag_CPU_unaligned_access = The producer was not permitted to make unalig
ned data accesses (=0)
        Tag_VFP_HP_extension = The producer was permitted to use the VFPv3/Advan
ced SIMD optional half-precision extension (=1)
        Tag_ABI_FP_16bit_format = The producer was permitted to use IEEE 754 for
mat 16-bit floating point numbers (=1)
        Tag_MPextension_use = Use of the ARM v7 MP extension was permitted (=1)
        Tag_Virtualization_use = Use of TrustZone and virtualization extensions
was permitted (=3)
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