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Changes for the Arm Compiler Reference Guide

D.1 Changes for the Arm® Compiler Reference Guide

Changes that have been made to the Arm® Compiler Reference Guide are listed with the latest version first.


This topic includes descriptions of [BETA] features. See Support level definitions.

Table D-1 Changes between 6.15 and 6.14

Change Topics affected
Removed the BETA indications for Custom Datapath Extension (CDE), which is fully supported.
Added topic for -dangling-debug-address.
Add the -mfpu=softvfp option to the -mfpu-mfpu reference page. This option had been omitted from the documentation previously in error.
Added note about not specifying both the architecture (-march) and the processor (-mcpu).
Added SVE information.
Mentioned that dynamic linking is not supported for Cortex®‑M processors.
Added note that an error is now reported if sections of different types share the same name.
Corrections to the instructions available when -mcmse used, and clarification of meanings for the __ARM_FEATURE_CMSE values.
Added note and examples explaining the effect of using different combinations of the -fno-builtin and -nostdlib armclang command line options when using the standard C and C++ libraries.
Added note that Arm Compiler 6 implements the LP64 data model for AArch64 state to tables showing the result of the sizeof and _Alignof operators for different types.
Added note that an error is produced if non-unique section names are specified using the section attribute.
Added notes that vfpv3xd, fpv4-sp-d16, and fpv5-sp-d16 are single-precision only to the -mfpu reference page.
Added notes that the -M, -MM, -MD and -MMD armclang options do not include files added using the INCBIN, INCLUDE, or GET directives with armasm, or the GNU assembly .incbin or .include directives with the armclang integrated assembler.
Added note that an error is produced if non-unique section names are specified using #pragma clang section.
Improved explanation of when to use the volatile keyword to prevent unwanted removal of inline assembler code when building optimized output.
Added details of the new -Omin compiler option to armclang -O topic, added armlink -Omin topic, added min option to armlink lto-level topic.
Added Armv8.7-A information. This architecture has [ALPHA] level support in this release.
Updated Armv8-R information to add 64-bit [BETA]-level support.
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