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Preface Getting Started Using Common Compiler Options Writing Optimized Code Assembling Assembly Code Using Assembly and Intrinsics in C or C++ Code Mapping Code and Data to the Target What the linker does to create an image What you can control with a scatter file Placing data items for target peripherals with a s Placing the stack and heap with a scatter file Root region Effect of the ABSOLUTE attribute on a root region Effect of the FIXED attribute on a root region Placing functions and data in a named section Placing functions and data at specific addresses Placing __at sections at a specific address Restrictions on placing __at sections Automatically placing __at sections Manually placing __at sections Placing a key in flash memory with an __at section Placing constants at fixed locations Placing jump tables in ROM Placing a variable at a specific address without s Placing a variable at a specific address with scat Bare-metal Position Independent Executables Placement of Arm C and C++ library code Placing code in a root region Placing Arm C library code Placing Arm C++ library code Placement of unassigned sections Default rules for placing unassigned sections Command-line options for controlling the placement Prioritizing the placement of unassigned sections Specify the maximum region size permitted for plac Examples of using placement algorithms for .ANY se Example of next_fit algorithm showing behavior of Examples of using sorting algorithms for .ANY sect Behavior when .ANY sections overflow because of li Placing veneers with a scatter file Preprocessing a scatter file Default behavior for armclang -E in a scatter file Using other preprocessors in a scatter file Reserving an empty block of memory Characteristics of a reserved empty block of memor Example of reserving an empty block of memory Aligning regions to page boundaries Aligning execution regions and input sections Overlays Embedded Software Development Building Secure and Non-secure Images Using Armv8‑ Overview of the Linker Getting Image Details SysV Dynamic Linking Overview of the fromelf Image Converter Using fromelf Overview of the Arm Librarian Overview of the armasm Legacy Assembler Supporting reference information

Mapping Code and Data to the Target

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