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Preface Getting Started Getting Started with the SVE features in Arm Compi Using Common Compiler Options Writing Optimized Code Assembling Assembly Code Using Assembly and Intrinsics in C or C++ Code SVE Coding Considerations with Arm Compiler Mapping Code and Data to the Target Overlays Embedded Software Development About embedded software development Default compilation tool behavior C library structure Default memory map Application startup Tailoring the C library to your target hardware Reimplementing C library functions Tailoring the image memory map to your target hard About the scatter-loading description syntax Root regions Placing the stack and heap Run-time memory models Reset and initialization The vector table ROM and RAM remapping Local memory setup considerations Stack pointer initialization Hardware initialization Execution mode considerations Target hardware and the memory map Execute-only memory Building applications for execute-only memory Vector table for ARMv6 and earlier, ARMv7-A and AR Vector table for M-profile architectures Vector Table Offset Register Integer division-by-zero errors in C code Building Secure and Non-secure Images Using Armv8‑ Overview of the Linker Getting Image Details SysV Dynamic Linking Overview of the fromelf Image Converter Using fromelf Overview of the Arm Librarian Overview of the armasm Legacy Assembler Supporting reference information Arm Compiler User Guide Changes

Embedded Software Development

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