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VCVT (between floating-point and fixed-point)

11.7 VCVT (between floating-point and fixed-point)

Convert between floating-point and fixed-point numbers.


VCVT{cond}.type.F64 Dd, Dd, #fbits
VCVT{cond}.type.F32 Sd, Sd, #fbits
VCVT{cond}.F64.type Dd, Dd, #fbits
VCVT{cond}.F32.type Sd, Sd, #fbits
is an optional condition code.
can be any one of:
16-bit signed fixed-point number.
16-bit unsigned fixed-point number.
32-bit signed fixed-point number.
32-bit unsigned fixed-point number.
is a single-precision register for the operand and result.
is a double-precision register for the operand and result.
is the number of fraction bits in the fixed-point number, in the range 0-16 if type is S16 or U16, or in the range 1-32 if type is S32 or U32.


The first two forms of this instruction convert from floating-point to fixed-point.
The third and fourth forms convert from fixed-point to floating-point.
In all cases the fixed-point number is contained in the least significant 16 or 32 bits of the register.

Floating-point exceptions

These instructions can produce Input Denormal, Invalid Operation, or Inexact exceptions.
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