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Immediate Data

An immediate data operand is a numeric expression that is encoded as a part of the machine language instruction. Immediate data values are used literally in an instruction to change the contents of a register or memory location. The pound (or number) sign (#) must precede any expression that is to be used as an immediate data operand. The following shows some examples of how the immediate data is typically used:

MY_VAL     EQU     50H          ; an equate symbol

           MOV     A,IO_PORT2   ; direct memory access to DATA
           MOV     A,#0E0h      ; load 0xE0 into the accumulator
           MOV     DPTR,#0x8000 ; load 0x8000 into the data pointer
           ANL     A,#128       ; AND the accumulator with 128
           XRL     A,#0FFh      ; XOR A with 0ffh
           MOV     R5,#MY_VAL   ; load R5 with the value of MY_VAL
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