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SET Function

The SET MPL function defines macro-time symbols. The SET function takes two arguments: a valid identifier and a numeric expression. The syntax for the SET function is:

%SET (id,expression)

The SET function defines the id and assigns it the value of expression.

The SET function affects the macro processor symbol table only. Symbols defined by SET may be redefined with a second call to the SET function or may be defined as a macro by calling the DEFINE function.

To use a symbol defined by the SET function, specify the meta character followed by the symbol name. When symbols are expanded, they are replaced by the hexadecimal representation followed by the letter 'H'.

Source Text

%SET (CNT, 3)
%SET (OFS, 16)


%SET (OFS, %OFS + 10)


Output Text

MOV R1,#03H+10H

Identifiers defined with the SET function may be used in the expression to redefine their values.

Source Text

%SET (CNT, 10)    %' define variable CNT'
%SET (OFS, 20)    %' define variable OFS'

%' change values for CNT and OFS:'

%SET (CNT, %CNT+%OFS)    %' CNT = 30'
%SET (OFS, %OFS * 2)     %' OFS = 40'

MOV R2,#%CNT + %OFS      %' 70'
MOV R5,#%CNT             %' 30'

Output Text

MOV R2,#1EH + 28H
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