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Ax51 Introduction Assembling Programs Writing Assembly Programs Control Statements Macro Processor Error Messages Fatal Errors Actions Messages Non-Fatal Errors Reference Error A1 Error A2 Error A3 Error A4 Error A5 Error A6 Error A7 Error A8 Error A9 Error A10 Error A11 Error A12 Error A13 Error A14 Error A15 Error A16 Error A17 Error A18 Error A19 Error A20 Error A21 Error A22 Error A23 Error A24 Error A25 Error A26 Error A27 Error A28 Error A29 Error A30 Error A31 Error A32 Error A33 Error A34 Error A35 Error A36 Error A37 Error A38 Error A39 Error A40 Error A41 Error A42 Error A43 Error A44 Error A45 Error A46 Error A47 Error A48 Error A49 Error A50 Error A51 Error A52 Error A53 Error A54 Error A55 Error A56 Error A57 Error A58 Error A59 Error A61 Error A62 Error A63 Error A64 Error A65 Error A66 Error A67 Error A68 Error A69 Error A70 Error A71 Error A72 Error A73 Error A74 Error A75 Error A76 Error A77 Error A79 Error A80 Error A81 Error A82 Error A83 Error A84 Error A85 Error A86 Error A87 Error A88 Error A90 Error A91 Error A94 Error A95 Error A96 Error A97 Error A98 Error A99 Error A100 Error A101 Error A102 Error A103 Error A150 Error A151 Error A152 Error A153 Error A154 Error A155 Error A156 Error A157 Error A158 Error A159 Error A160 Error A161 Error A162 Error A163 Error A164 Error A165 Error A166 Error A167 Error A168 Error A169 Error A170 Error A171 Error A172 Error A300 Error A301 Error A302 Error A303 Error A304 Error A305 Error A306 Error A307 Error A308 Error A309 Error A310 Error A311 Error A312 Error A313 Error A314 Error A315 Error A316 Error A317 Error A318 Error A319 Error A320 Error A321 Warning A322 Warning A323 Warning A324 Error A325 Error A326 Error A327 Error A328 Appendix


The following pages describe the non-fatal errors generated by the Ax51 Assembler. Messages are listed in numerical order and each is divided into several sections:

Summary Briefly describes the error or warning.
Description Provides a detailed description of message and why it was generated.
Cause Describes the cause of the error.
Resolution Provides hints and suggestions for correcting the problem.
Example Provides an example, where possible, of the error condition.
See Also Provides useful references to additional material.

The table lists the documented exceptions for the Ax51 Assembler.

Exception Exception Type Description
A1 Error Illegal Character in Numeric Constant
A2 Error Missing String Terminator
A3 Error Illegal Character
A4 Error Bad Indirect Register Identifier
A5 Error Illegal Use of a Reserved Word
A6 Error Definition Statement Expected
A7 Error Label Not Permitted
A8 Error Attempt to Define an Already Defined Label
A9 Error Syntax Error
A10 Error Attempt to Define an Already Defined Symbol
A11 Error String Contains Zero or More Than Two Characters
A12 Error Illegal Operand
A13 Error ')' Expected
A14 Error Bad Relocatable Expression
A15 Error Missing Factor
A16 Error Divide By Zero Error
A17 Error Invalid Base in Bit Address Expression
A18 Error Out of Range or Non-Typeless Bit-Offset
A19 Error Invalid Register for EQU/SET
A20 Error Invalid Simple Relocatable Expression
A21 Error Expression with Forward Reference Not Permitted
A22 Error Expression Type Does Not Match Instruction
A23 Error Numeric Expression Expected
A24 Error Segment Type Expected
A25 Error Relocation-Type Expected
A26 Error Invalid Relocation Type
A27 Error Location Counter May Not Point Below Segment Base
A28 Error Absolute Expression Required
A29 Error Segment Limit Exceeded
A30 Error Segment Symbol Expected
A31 Error PUBLIC Attribute Not Permitted
A32 Error Attempt to Respecify Module Name
A33 Error Conflicting Attributes
A34 Error ',' Expected
A35 Error '(' Expected
A36 Error Invalid Number for REGISTERBANK
A37 Error Operation Invalid in this Segment
A38 Error Number of Operands Does Not Match Instruction
A39 Error Register-Operand Expected
A40 Error Invalid Register
A41 Error Missing END Statement
A42 Error Internal Error (Pass-2), Contact Technical Support
A43 Error Respecified Primary Control, Line Ignored
A44 Error Misplaced Primary Directive, Line Ignored
A45 Error Undefined Symbol (Pass-2)
A46 Error CODE/ECODE–Address Expected
A47 Error XDATA–Address Expected
A48 Error DATA–Address Expected
A49 Error IDATA–Address Expected
A50 Error BIT–Address Expected
A51 Error Target Out of Range
A52 Error Value has been Truncated to 8 Bits
A53 Error Missing USING Information
A54 Error Misplaced Conditional Control
A55 Error Bad Conditional Expression
A56 Error Unbalanced IF-ENDIF Controls
A57 Error SAVE Stack Underflow
A58 Error SAVE Stack Overflow
A59 Error Macro Redfinition
A61 Error Macro Terminated by End of File, Missing ENDM
A62 Error Too Many Formal Parameters (16)
A63 Error Too Many Locals (16)
A64 Error Duplicate Local/Formal
A65 Error Identifier Expected
A66 Error EXITM Invalid Outside a Macro
A67 Error Expression Too Complex
A68 Error Unknown Control or Bad Argument(s)
A69 Error Misplaced ELSEIF/ELSE/ENDIF Control
A70 Error Limit Exceeded: IF-Nesting (10)
A71 Error Numeric Value Out of Range
A72 Error Too Many Tokens in Source Line
A73 Error Text Found Beyond END Statement - Ignored
A74 Error Register Usage: Undefined Register Name
A75 Error Register Usage Requires a Public CODE Symbol
A76 Error Multiple Register Uses Given to One Symbol
A77 Error Instruction Not Available
A79 Error Invalid Attribute
A80 Error Invalid Absolute Base/Offset Value
A81 Error Expression has Different Memory Space
A82 Error Label Statement Must Be Within CODE/<c>ECODE Segment
A83 Error Type Incompatible With Given Memory Space
A84 Error Operator Requires a CODE/ECODE Address
A85 Error Invalid Operand Type
A86 Error Procedures Can't Be Nested
A87 Error Unclosed Procedure
A88 Error Value has been Truncated to 16 Bits
A90 Error FAR Return in NEAR Procedure
A91 Error Type Mismatch
A94 Error Value Does Not Match Instruction
A95 Error Illegal Memory Class Specifier
A96 Error Access to Misaligned Address
A97 Error FAR Reference to NEAR Label
A98 Error NEAR Reference to FAR Label
A99 Error PROC Name Required
A100 Error Illegal Constant Value
A101 Error TRAP Instruction is Reserved for Debugging Tools
A102 Error Potential Address Overlap
A103 Error User Error Message
A150 Error Premature End-of-File
A151 Error name: Identifier Expected
A152 Error MPL Function name: char Expected
A153 Error name: Unbalanced Parentheses
A154 Error Expected token
A155 Error Incomplete Macro Definition
A156 Error Function MATCH: Illegal Call Pattern
A157 Error Function EXIT in Bad Context
A158 Error Illegal Metacharacter char
A159 Error Call Pattern - Delimiter delimeter Not Found
A160 Error Call to Undefined Macro macro-name
A161 Error Invalid MPL Command %char
A162 Error Invalid Digit char in Number
A163 Error Unclosed String or Character Constant
A164 Error Invalid String or Character Constant
A165 Error Unknown Expression Identifier
A166 Error token: Invalid Expression Token
A167 Error Divide/Modulo By Zero Error
A168 Error Eval: Syntax Error in Expression
A169 Error Can't Open File filename
A170 Error filename is Not a Disk File
A171 Error Error in INCLUDE/INCDIR Directive
A172 Error Can't Redefine Predefined Macro macro-name
A300 Error Unterminated Comment
A301 Error identifier Expected
A302 Error Misused # Operator
A303 Error Formal Argument Expected
A304 Error Bad Macro Parameter List
A305 Error Unterminated String/char Constant
A306 Error Unterminated Macro Call
A307 Error Macro macro-name: Parameter Count Mismatch
A308 Error Invalid Integer Constant Expression
A309 Error Bad or Missing File Name
A310 Error Conditionals Too Nested (20)
A311 Error Misplaced elif/else Control
A312 Error Misplaced endif Control
A313 Error Can't Remove Predefined Macro macro-name
A314 Error Bad # Directive Syntax
A315 Error Unknown # Directive identifier
A316 Error Unterminated Conditionals
A317 Error Redefinition of Macro macro-name
A318 Error Can't Open File file-name
A319 Error file-name: Not a Disk File
A320 Error User_error_ Text
A321 Error Missing character
A322 Warning Unknown identifier
A323 Warning New-line Expected, Extra Character Found
A324 Warning Preprocessor Token Expected
A325 Error Duplicate Formal Parameter identifier
A326 Error Macro Body Cannot Start or End With ##
A327 Error Macro macro-name: More Than 50 Parameters
A328 Error Misplaced ASM/ENDASM
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