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Command Prompt

To invoke the A51 or AX51 Assembler, enter A51 or AX51 at the command prompt. You must include the name of the assembler source file to be assembled and any required directives on the command line. The format for the Ax51 command line is:

A51 sourcefiledirectives...〛
A51 @commandfile


AX51 sourcefiledirectives...〛
AX51 @commandfile


sourcefile Is the name of the source program you want to assemble.
directives Are directives that control the operation of the assembler. Refer to Directives for a detailed list of the available directives.
commandfile Is the name of a command input file that may contain the sourcefile and directives. A commandfile is commonly used when the Ax51 command line is complex or exceeds the limits of the Windows command prompt. The maximum size of the command input file is limited to 32KB.

The Ax51 Assembler displays the following information upon successful compilation.

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