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REGBANK Assembler Statement

name REGBANK <[>range<]> <[>, ...<]>

All sixteen of the XC16x/C16x/ST10 General Purpose Registers (GPRs) are mapped to on-chip RAM. This allows register context switching by setting the Context Pointer (CP) Register to point to a new register bank (which may be created using the REGBANK statement).

The REGBANK statement creates a register bank with name and an optional range of registers used. If the range is not specified, the assembler automatically supplies the registers actually used in the source module.

The range may be specified as:

Rm <[>-Rn<]> <[>, ...<]>


Rm is the starting register (R0-R15).
Rn is the ending register (R0-R15) which must be greater than Rm.

The linker processes register banks as data sections located in internal RAM (0FA00h-0FDFFh).

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                      1  $SEGMENTED
                      3          BANK1   REGBANK R0-R15
--------              5  C100    SECTION CODE PUBLIC 'ROM1'
                      6  INIT    PROC    FAR
                      7  ASSUME  DPP3:   SYSTEM
00000000 E6030300     8          MOV     DPP3,#PAG CP
00000004 CC00         9          NOP
00000006 C608???? R  10          SCXT    CP,#BANK1   ; Switch context pointer
0000000A CC00        11          NOP                 ; Pipeline delay
0000000C E6FF3412    12          MOV     R15,#1234H  ; Access to GPR's now valid
00000010 DB00        13          RET
                     14  INIT    ENDP
--------             15  C100    ENDS
                     17  END
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