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DPPTR Assembler Statement

<[>label<[>:<]><]> DPPTR expression <[>, expression ...<]>

The DPPTR statement defines a page pointer to the variable (in a data section) specified in the expression. The pointer created consists of two words. The first word contains the page-relative offset (0-16383) of the referenced symbol. The second word contains the page number (0-1023) of the 16K page of which the referenced symbol is a member.

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                       1     EXTERN  NPROC : NEAR
                       3     BSEC    SECTION BIT
0000                   4       BT1   DBIT
0001                   5       BT2   DBIT
                       6     BSEC    ENDS
                       8     DSEC    SECTION DATA
0000 00000000 R        9       bp1   DBPTR   BT1     ; Bit pointer ref. BT1
0000 0300
0006 00000000 R       10       bp2   DBPTR   BT2     ; Bit pointer ref. BT2
0006 0300
000C 00000000 R       11       pd1   DPPTR   bp1     ; Page pointer
0010 00000000 E       12       cp1   DSPTR   NPROC   ; Segment pointer
                      13     DSEC    ENDS
                      15 END
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