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Calling MPL Macros

The following defines a macro named BMOVE that takes three arguments: source, destination, and count. The macro produces code that copies any number of bytes from one part of memory to another.

%*DEFINE (BMOVE (src, dst, cnt)) LOCAL lab (
       MOV      R2,#%cnt
       MOV      R1,#%src
       MOV      R0,#%dst
%lab:  MOVB     [R0+],[R1]
       ADD      R1,#1
       CMPD1    R2,#0
       JMP      CC_NZ, %lab

To call this macro, specify the meta character followed by the macro name and the list of parameters (if any). The actual parameters must have balanced text and may contain calls to other macros. For example, the above macro may be called as follows:

%BMOVE (array1,array2,10)

The macro is expanded as:

          MOV      R2,#10
          MOV      R1,#array1
          MOV      R0,#array2
??LAB?0:  MOVB     [R0+],[R1]
          ADD      R1,#1
          CMPD1    R2,#0
          JMP      CC_NZ, ??LAB?0


  • The above example produces assembly errors because the source file includes no section definitions.
  • The GEN and GENONLY directives may be used to include macro definition and macro calls in the assembler listing file.
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