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Preface Overview of the Linker Linking Models Supported by armlink Image Structure and Generation Linker Optimization Features Getting Image Details Accessing and Managing Symbols with armlink Scatter-loading Features Scatter File Syntax Linker Command-line Options --any_contingency --any_placement=algorithm --any_sort_order=order --api, --no_api --arm_only --autoat, --no_autoat --be8 --be32 --bestdebug, --no_bestdebug --blx_arm_thumb, --no_blx_arm_thumb --blx_thumb_arm, --no_blx_thumb_arm --branchnop, --no_branchnop --callgraph, --no_callgraph --callgraph_file=filename --callgraph_output=fmt --callgraph_subset=symbol[,symbol,...] --cgfile=type --cgsymbol=type --cgundefined=type --comment_section, --no_comment_section --compress_debug, --no_compress_debug --cpp_compat linker option --cppinit, --no_cppinit --cpu=list --cpu=name --crosser_veneershare, --no_crosser_veneershare --datacompressor=opt --debug, --no_debug --diag_error=tag[,tag,…] --diag_remark=tag[,tag,…] --diag_style=arm|ide|gnu --diag_suppress=tag[,tag,…] --diag_warning=tag[,tag,…] --eager_load_debug, --no_eager_load_debug --edit=file_list --emit_debug_overlay_relocs --emit_debug_overlay_section --emit_non_debug_relocs --emit_relocs --entry=location --errors=filename --exceptions, --no_exceptions --feedback=filename --feedback_image=option --feedback_type=type --filtercomment, --no_filtercomment --fini=symbol --first=section_id --force_explicit_attr --fpu=list --fpu=name --help --info=topic[,topic,…] --info_lib_prefix=opt --init=symbol --inline, --no_inline --inline_type=type --inlineveneer, --no_inlineveneer input-file-list --keep=section_id --largeregions, --no_largeregions --last=section_id --ldpartial --legacyalign, --no_legacyalign --libpath=pathlist --library_type=lib --liclinger=seconds --list=filename --list_mapping_symbols, --no_list_mapping_symbols --load_addr_map_info, --no_load_addr_map_info --locals, --no_locals --mangled, --unmangled --map, --no_map --match=crossmangled --max_er_extension=size --max_veneer_passes=value --max_visibility=type --merge, --no_merge --muldefweak, --no_muldefweak -o filename, --output=filename --output_float_abi=option --override_visibility --pad=num --paged --pagesize=pagesize --partial --piveneer, --no_piveneer --predefine="string" --reduce_paths, --no_reduce_paths --ref_cpp_init, --no_ref_cpp_init --reloc --remarks --remove, --no_remove --ro_base=address --ropi --rosplit --rw_base=address --rwpi --scanlib, --no_scanlib --scatter=filename --section_index_display=type --show_cmdline --show_full_path --show_parent_lib --show_sec_idx --sort=algorithm --split --startup=symbol, --no_startup --strict --strict_enum_size, --no_strict_enum_size --strict_flags, --no_strict_flags --strict_ph, --no_strict_ph --strict_relocations, --no_strict_relocations --strict_symbols, --no_strict_symbols --strict_visibility, --no_strict_visibility --strict_wchar_size, --no_strict_wchar_size --symbols, --no_symbols --symdefs=filename --tailreorder, --no_tailreorder --thumb2_library, --no_thumb2_library --tiebreaker=option --unaligned_access, --no_unaligned_access --undefined=symbol --undefined_and_export=symbol --unresolved=symbol --use_definition_visibility --userlibpath=pathlist --veneerinject, --no_veneerinject --veneer_inject_type=type --veneer_pool_size=size --veneershare, --no_veneershare --verbose --version_number --vfemode=mode --via=filename --vsn --xo_base=address --xref, --no_xref --xrefdbg, --no_xrefdbg --xref{from|to}=object(section) --zi_base=address Linker Steering File Command Reference Via File Syntax


9.53 --info=topic[,topic,…]

Prints information about specific topics. You can write the output to a text file using --list=file.


Where topic is a comma-separated list from the following topic keywords:
For sections placed using the .ANY module selector, lists:
  • The sort order.
  • The placement algorithm.
  • The sections that are assigned to each execution region in the order they are assigned by the placement algorithm.
  • Information about the contingency space and policy used for each region.
This keyword also displays additional information when you use the execution region attribute ANY_SIZE in a scatter file.
Summarizes the image architecture by listing the processor, FPU, and byte order.
Lists all common sections that are eliminated from the image. Using this option implies --info=common,totals.
Gives extra information about the RW compression process.
Lists all rejected input debug sections that are eliminated from the image as a result of using --remove. Using this option implies --info=debug,totals.
Gives information on exception table generation and optimization.
Lists all functions that are inlined by the linker, and the total number of inlines if --inline is used.
Lists the input symbols, objects and libraries.
Lists the full path name of every library automatically selected for the link stage.
You can use this option with --info_lib_prefix to display information about a specific library.
Lists the const strings that are merged by the linker. Each item lists the merged result, the strings being merged, and the associated object files.
Lists the code and data (RO Data, RW Data, ZI Data, and Debug Data) sizes for each input object and library member in the image. Using this option implies --info=sizes,totals.
Lists the stack usage of all functions.
Summarizes the code and data sizes of the image.
Summarizes the stack usage of all global symbols.
Lists all the tail calling sections that are moved above their targets, as a result of using --tailreorder.
Lists the totals of the code and data (RO Data, RW Data, ZI Data, and Debug Data) sizes for input objects and libraries.
Lists all unused sections that are eliminated from the user code as a result of using --remove. It does not list any unused sections that are loaded from the ARM C libraries.
Lists all symbols that have been removed by unused section elimination.
Lists the linker-generated veneers.
Lists the linker-generated veneers with additional information about the callers to each veneer. Use with --verbose to list each call individually.
Displays information on how the linker has placed veneer pools.
Lists the symbol visibility information. You can use this option with either --info=inputs or --verbose to enhance the output.
Lists all symbols that are the target of weak references, and whether or not they were defined.


The output from --info=sizes,totals always includes the padding values in the totals for input objects and libraries.
If you are using RW data compression (the default), or if you have specified a compressor using the --datacompressor=id option, the output from --info=sizes,totals includes an entry under Grand Totals to reflect the true size of the image.


Spaces are not permitted between topic keywords in the list. For example, you can enter --info=sizes,totals but not --info=sizes, totals.
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