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RTX Benefits

The Keil RTX Real-Time Operating System offers many advanced features which are not always available in RTOS products from other vendors. When you are choosing an RTOS you should take into consideration some of the following points:

RTX is included in MDK-ARM - No additional cost to use a commercial level RTOS.
The full featured, commercial level RTX (including Source Code) is provided as part of the Keil MDK-ARM development tools. This is not an evaluation version, it is fully configurable, and has no restrictions. Therefore, if you plan to use MDK for your development, RTX is free of charge.

RTX is Royalty-Free - No on-going costs.
RTX is supplied Royalty-Free. Once licensed you can ship products created using RTX with no further fees or on-going costs.

Market Leading RTOS - Be confident in using RTX in your application.
RTX is consistently shown to be one of the leading RTOS used in embedded applications (TechInsights Embedded Market Study 2010).

Flexible Scheduling - Choose the best scheduling for your application.
RTX offers three different kernel scheduling options, allowing you to use the one most suited to your application:

  • Pre-emptive - each task has a different priority and will run until a higher priority task is ready to run. This is commonly used in interactive systems where a device may be in standby or background mode until some input from a user.
  • Round-Robin - each task will run for a fixed period of CPU run-time (time slice). Data loggers/system monitors typically employ round-robin scheduling, all sensors or data-sources are sampled in turn with no prioritization.
  • Co-operative - each task will run until it is told to pass control to another task or reaches a blocking OS call. Co-operative multi-tasking can be seen in applications that require a fixed order of execution.

Deterministic Behavior - Known behaviour for time critical tasks.
Not every RTOS is deterministic. RTX delivers fully deterministic behaviour meaning that events and interrupts are handled within a predefined time (deadline). Your application can rely on consistent and known process timings.

Designed for Embedded Systems - Uses the minimum amount of system memory.
RTX is specifically written for embedded systems based on ARM and Cortex-M MCUs. It has not been adapted from a larger operating system or from another architecture. It runs quickly and takes the minimum of MCU resources with a memory footprint as small as 5KB (ROM).

Easy to Use - Short learning cycle, faster product development.
RTX is well supported within the µVision IDE/Debugger, which features RTX task aware tools to enable you to quickly and easily configure and debug RTX in your applications.

Source Code - Use it for certification.
RTX source code is included in all MDK-ARM Editions. This can be useful where source code is needed for product certification.

Support - Help when you need it.
There are extensive resources including examples, User's Guide and a printed Getting Started Guide. RTX is fully supported by Keil.

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