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SNMP Agent

An SNMP Agent enables network management features. More...


 Control Interface
 Functions to communicate with the Trap Manager.
 Management Information Base (MIB) Interface
 Management Information Base (MIB) Interface.
 Configuration of the SNMP agent in ┬ÁVision.
 Structures of the SNMP Service.


An SNMP Agent enables network management features.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is mainly used in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. It is the most popular network management protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite.

The Network Component's SNMP Agent supports IPv4 connections only.

SNMP is a simple request/response protocol that communicates management information between two types of SNMP software entities: SNMP managers and SNMP agents. The following picture shows an exemplary setup:

In summary, SNMP performs the following operations:

The SNMP Agent validates each request from a SNMP manager before responding to the request, by verifying that the manager belongs to a SNMP community with access privileges to the agent. A SNMP community is a logical relationship between a SNMP agent and one or more SNMP managers. The community has a name, and all members of a community have the same access privileges: either read-only or read-write.

The SNMP Agent in the Network Component is an optimized and compact implementation for embedded systems. Currently it implements SNMP version 1.

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