Event Recorder and Component Viewer  Version 1.5.1
MDK Debugger Views for Status and Event Information

Defines for parameter level for EventID. More...


#define EventLevelError   0x00000U
 Run-time error in the component. More...
#define EventLevelAPI   0x10000U
 API function call. More...
#define EventLevelOp   0x20000U
 Internal operation. More...
#define EventLevelDetail   0x30000U
 Additional detailed information of operations. More...


Defines for parameter level for EventID.

The following defines specify the level for the id. This defines may be used for:

Event filtering may be used to change the settings in the debugger. The event level define settings map as described in the following table:

Recording level Error API Op Data
Event level define setting EventRecordError EventRecordAPI EventRecordOp EventRecordDetail

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ EventLevelAPI

#define EventLevelAPI   0x10000U

API function call.

◆ EventLevelDetail

#define EventLevelDetail   0x30000U

Additional detailed information of operations.

◆ EventLevelError

#define EventLevelError   0x00000U

Run-time error in the component.

◆ EventLevelOp

#define EventLevelOp   0x20000U

Internal operation.