Event Recorder and Component Viewer  Version 1.5.1
MDK Debugger Views for Status and Event Information
Using Component Viewer

The following steps enable the MDK debugger views for static information of software components.

For User Code:

  1. Create an SCVD file to display Static Component Information.
  2. Add the SCVD file to µVision as described in Manage Component Viewer Description Files.
  3. Use the µVision debugger windows as described in Component Viewer.

For MDK Middleware, Keil RTX5, and FreeRTOS:

The software packs for MDK Middleware, CMSIS, CMSIS-FreeRTOS already contain the relevant *.SCVD files.

For examples on how to write SCVD files, refer to the Examples section.

Static Component Information

The *.SCVD file can be used to format static information of the application using the /component_viewer/objects.

Example code that is stored in the file MyTest.c (the file name is important for static variables).

static int some_error = 1;
char string[10] = "MyTest";

The following MyTest.scvd file reads static program information from the variables in the above code snippet:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<component_viewer schemaVersion="0.1" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xs:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Component_Viewer.xsd">
<component name="MyExample" version="1.0.0"/> <!-- name and version of the component -->
<object name="MyProgram">
<read name="error_val" type="int32_t" symbol="MyTest.c/some_error" />
<read name="string_val" type="int8_t" symbol="string" size="10" />
<out name="MyProgram">
<item property="some_error" value="%d[error_val]" />
<item property="string" value="%t[string_val]" />

In the µVision Debugger this *.SCVD file is specified in the dialog Options for Target -> Debug -> Manage Component Viewer Description Files. Click on Add Component Viewer Description File and add the related .SCVD file.

Manage *.SCVD files

Using the SCVD file, µVision debugger shows static information about the program. The related view opens with View - Watch Windows - MyProgram.

Event Recorder output formatted with *.SCVD file