Event Recorder and Component Viewer  Version 1.5.1
MDK Debugger Views for Status and Event Information
SCVD File Format

The SCVD (Software Component View Description) files are formatted in XML and based on the schema file Component_Viewer.xsd. The schema file Component_Viewer.xsd is part of the Keil MDK installation and available in the folder ..\UV4.

The SCVD file format is described in the following sections:

  • XML Elements : specifies the structure and top level elements of an SCVD file.
  • Symbol Access : explains how to refer to application symbols when reading program variables.
  • Data types : lists available scalar data types used in XML elements and explains how complex data types are defined.
  • Expressions : describes supported expressions for making calculations in an SCVD file.
  • Built-in Functions : lists built-in functions that can be used for calculating stack memory usage, accessing CPU registers or application program symbols.
  • Value Output : shows how to format output data for display in the Component Viewer or Event Recorder.

SCVD File Validation

An *.SCVD file is validated with the following steps:

  1. The schema file Component_Viewer.xsd specifies the XML format. Use this schema file together with XML tools to check correctness of an *.scvd file.
  2. Start the uVision Debugger and verify that no error messages are displayed in the debug command window and when opening the software component watch window.

Using SCVD Files in the Debugger

To use a *.SCVD file in the uVision Debugger:

SCVD Files in Software Packs

Software components which are part of Software Packs may add related *.SCVD files directly in the Package Description file (*.pdsc) using the <file> element category other. In the *.pdsc file example below Network.scvd is added to the debugger when the component :Network:Core is selected. For details, refer to CMSIS-Pack - Pack Description (*.PDSC) Format.

<component CClass="Network" Cgroup="Core">
<file category="library" name="Network/Lib/ARM/Network.lib"/>
<file category="other" name="Network/Network.scvd"/>