CMSIS-SVD  Version 1.3.9
CMSIS System View Description
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File Conventions

The section outlines the main conventions for writing the SVD description file.


All name tags must comp ly with the ANSI C identifier naming restrictions. In particular, they must not contain any spaces or special characters. This is necessary to support the generation of device header files thus providing consistency between the names being shown by the debugger and the symbols being used in the CMSIS compliant target software.


Number constants shall be entered in hexadecimal, decimal, or binary format.

  • The Hexadecimal format is indicated by a leading 0x.
  • The Binary format is indicated by a leading #.
  • All other formats are interpreted as decimal numbers.
  • The element <enumeratedValue>.<value> can be used to define constants.


Comments have the standard XML format.

  • Start a comment with <!--.
  • End a comment with -->.

Empty Tags

  • Single tags are not supported (for example, <name\>).
  • The tag content must not consist of an empty string. Omit optional tags instead.
The latest CMSIS-SVD Schema File is provided alongside this document.