CMSIS-RTOS  Version 1.03
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation.
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oCMSIS-RTOS APIThis section describes the CMSIS-RTOS API
|oKernel Information and ControlProvide version/system information and start the RTOS Kernel
|oThread ManagementDefine, create, and control thread functions
|oGeneric Wait FunctionsWait for a time period or unspecified events
|oTimer ManagementCreate and control timer and timer callback functions
|oInter-Thread Communication and Resource SharingFunctions for inter-thread communication
||oSignal EventsSynchronize threads using signals
||oMessage QueueExchange messages between threads in a FIFO-like operation
||oMemory PoolManage thread-safe fixed-size blocks of dynamic memory
||oMail QueueExchange data between threads using a queue of memory blocks
||oMutexesSynchronize resource access using Mutual Exclusion (Mutex)
||\SemaphoresAccess shared resources simultaneously from different threads
|oGeneric Data Types and DefinitionsData Type Definitions used by the CMSIS-RTOS API functions
|\Status and Error CodesStatus and Error Codes returned by CMSIS-RTOS API functions
\RTX Specific FunctionsThis section describes the functions that are specific to CMSIS-RTOS RTX