CMSIS-RTOS  Version 1.03
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation.
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Building the RTX Library

The CMSIS Pack contains a ┬ÁVision project for building the set of CMSIS-RTOS RTX libraries. This project can also be used as a reference for building the CMSIS-RTOS RTX libraries using a tool-chain of your choice.

  1. Open the project RTX_Lib_CM.uvproj from the pack folder CMSIS/RTOS/RTX/SRC/ARM/ in uVision.
  2. Select the project target that matches your device's processor core.
    The project provides target configuration for all supported Cortex-M targets supported by RTX.
    Note: The targets CMF4_LE (Little Endian) and CMF4_BE (Big Endian) shall be used for Cortex-M4 as well as Cortex-M7 based devices with FPU.
  3. You can find out about the required preprocessor defines in the dialogs Options for Target - C/C++ and Options for Target - Asm.
  4. From the Project window you find the list of source files required for a complete library build.
Project with files for Cortex-M4 cores