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arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32 Struct Reference

Instance structure for the floating-point CFFT/CIFFT function. More...

Data Fields

uint16_t fftLen
uint8_t ifftFlag
uint8_t bitReverseFlag
const float32_tpTwiddle
const uint16_t * pBitRevTable
uint16_t twidCoefModifier
uint16_t bitRevFactor
float32_t onebyfftLen


Field Documentation

uint8_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::bitReverseFlag

flag that enables (bitReverseFlag=1) or disables (bitReverseFlag=0) bit reversal of output.

uint16_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::bitRevFactor

bit reversal modifier that supports different size FFTs with the same bit reversal table.

uint16_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::fftLen

length of the FFT.

uint8_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::ifftFlag

flag that selects forward (ifftFlag=0) or inverse (ifftFlag=1) transform.

float32_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::onebyfftLen

value of 1/fftLen.

const uint16_t* arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::pBitRevTable

points to the bit reversal table.

const float32_t* arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::pTwiddle

points to the Twiddle factor table.

uint16_t arm_cfft_radix4_instance_f32::twidCoefModifier

twiddle coefficient modifier that supports different size FFTs with the same twiddle factor table.