CMSIS-DSP  Version 1.8.0
CMSIS DSP Software Library
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oBasic Math Functions
|oVector Absolute Value
|oVector Addition
|oVector bitwise AND
|oVector Dot Product
|oVector Multiplication
|oVector Negate
|oVector bitwise NOT
|oVector Offset
|oVector bitwise inclusive OR
|oVector Scale
|oVector Shift
|oVector Subtraction
|\Vector bitwise exclusive OR
oFast Math Functions
|oSquare Root
oComplex Math Functions
|oComplex Conjugate
|oComplex Dot Product
|oComplex Magnitude
|oComplex Magnitude Squared
|oComplex-by-Complex Multiplication
|\Complex-by-Real Multiplication
oFiltering Functions
|oHigh Precision Q31 Biquad Cascade Filter
|oBiquad Cascade IIR Filters Using Direct Form I Structure
|oBiquad Cascade IIR Filters Using a Direct Form II Transposed Structure
|oPartial Convolution
|oFinite Impulse Response (FIR) Decimator
|oFinite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters
|oFinite Impulse Response (FIR) Lattice Filters
|oFinite Impulse Response (FIR) Sparse Filters
|oInfinite Impulse Response (IIR) Lattice Filters
|oLeast Mean Square (LMS) Filters
|oNormalized LMS Filters
|\Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Interpolator
oMatrix Functions
|oMatrix Addition
|oComplex Matrix Multiplication
|oMatrix Initialization
|oMatrix Inverse
|oMatrix Multiplication
|oMatrix Scale
|oMatrix Subtraction
|\Matrix Transpose
oTransform Functions
|oComplex FFT Functions
|oDCT Type IV Functions
|\Real FFT Functions
oController Functions
|oPID Motor Control
|oVector Clarke Transform
|oVector Inverse Clarke Transform
|oVector Park Transform
|oVector Inverse Park transform
|\Sine Cosine
oStatistics Functions
|oRoot mean square (RMS)
|oStandard deviation
oSupport Functions
|oVector sorting algorithms
|oVector Copy
|oVector Fill
|oConvert 32-bit floating point value
|oConvert 16-bit Integer value
|oConvert 32-bit Integer value
|oConvert 8-bit Integer value
|\Cubic Spline Interpolation
oInterpolation Functions
|oLinear Interpolation
|\Bilinear Interpolation
|oBayes Example
|oClass Marks Example
|oConvolution Example
|oDot Product Example
|oFrequency Bin Example
|oFIR Lowpass Filter Example
|oGraphic Audio Equalizer Example
|oLinear Interpolate Example
|oMatrix Example
|oSignal Convergence Example
|oSineCosine Example
|oSVM Example
|\Variance Example
oSVM Functions
oBayesian estimators
\Distance functions
 oFloat Distances
 \Boolean Distances