Network Component  Version 7.15.0
MDK Middleware for IPv4 and IPv6 Networking
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Ethernet Interface

Ethernet routines enable communication over an Ethernet-based IP network. More...


 User API
 Functions of the Ethernet Interface.
 IP Address Assignment
 Explanation of the IP address assignment using Ethernet.
 User Callbacks
 Functions to notify the user application about events on the Ethernet interface.
 Configuration of the Ethernet interface in ┬ÁVision.
 Enumerations of the Ethernet Interface.
 Structures of the Ethernet Interface.


Ethernet routines enable communication over an Ethernet-based IP network.

Ethernet is a family of networking technologies for local area (LAN) and wider networks. It was introduced and standardized in the 1980's as IEEE 802.3, and has since been updated regularly to support higher bit rates and longer link distances. Most embedded microcontrollers with Ethernet support bit rates of up to 100 Mbit/s which is also fully supported by the Network Component.

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Checksum Offloading

The Network Component also supports the Checksum offloading. To send the packet, the network library will not calculate the checksum itself, but would simply hand over an empty checksum field to the driver. For the receiving packet, the network library won't validate the checksum fields in the packet. To use the checksum offloading, it must be supported by the ethernet driver.