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SVDConv is a command-line utility to validate CMSIS-SVD files and to generate CMSIS-compliant device header files. SVDConv is distributed with the ARM::CMSIS Pack (in the CMSIS\Utilities directory) together with the CMSIS-SVD.xsd schema file. SVDConv is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

SVDConv performs the following operations:

  • Checks the syntactical and structural compliance with the specified CMSIS-SVD format.
  • Checks the consistency, correctness, and completeness of the CMSIS-SVD file against the CMSIS-SVD schema file.
  • Generates CMSIS-compliant device header files, which can be used for software development.
Consider using --strict option to receive all pedantic warnings. Some rules are skipped by default due to backward compatibility reasons. All newly developed/updated SVD files should rather respect all rules.


SVDConv is invoked form the command line. The general command format is:

SVDConv.exe <SVD_file> <options>


<options> Short Name Description
none Validation Perform a validation check of the SVD file. Errors and warnings are printed on screen.
-b Log File Specify the log file name for writing messages. Default: screen.
-o Output Path Specify an output path for the generated device header file or log file. Default: current directory.
--generate=header Generate Device Header File Generates the device header file. The name of the generated file is derived from the value of the tag <devicename> in the CMSIS-SVD file. Refer to device.
--generate=partition Generate Partition file for Cortex-M Security Extensions (Armv8-M) Generates the device partition file. The name of the generated file is composed of partition_ and the value of the device <name> (for example, partition_CMSDK_ARMv8MBL.h). Refer to /device element. The content of the file uses Configuration Wizard annotations and is derived from the SAU-specific information of the /device/cpu/sauRegionsConfig element and the interrupts specified in the /device/peripherals element.
--fields=enum Bit-field Enums Generates enum lists for each field value description contained in the CMSIS-SVD input file. Must be used in combination with --generate=header.
--fields=macro Bit-field Macros Generates position and mask C-Macros for each field description contained in the CMSIS-SVD input file. Must be used in combination with --generate=header.
--fields=struct Bit-field Structs Generates bit fields for each field description contained in the CMSIS-SVD input file. Must be used in combination with --generate=header.
--fields=struct-ansic ANSI Bit-field Structs Generates MISRA-compliant structures for each bitfield. The generated code is not CMSIS-compliant! Must be used in combination with --generate=header.
--strict Strict error checking RECOMMENDED! Applies strict error checking and generates a lot more messages.

Return Codes

SVDConv returns the following codes:

Code Description Action
0 OK No action required. Validation and conversion performed without errors.
1 WARNINGS Warnings should be checked an possibly removed. The header file is created and could be used.
2 ERRORS Errors in the SVD description file. Important elements are missing and must be corrected.
3 Error in command line Check and correct the command line arguments.


  1. Retrieve help information on screen.

  2. Perform a consistency check by passing only the SVD file name. Errors and warnings are printed on screen.
    SVDConv ARM_Example.svd

    The result is printed on screen:
       MVCM3110.svd(1688) : info
       <description> missing for value '2 : MODE2'
       MVCM3110.svd(1692) : info
       <description> missing for value '3 : MODE3'
       MVCM3110.svd(1696) : info
       <description> missing for value '4 : MODE4'
       Area of improvements:
       * Description contains 267 <fields> defined without associated <enumeratedValues>
       Found 0 Errors and 1 Warnings
       Return Code: 1 (WARNINGS)

  3. Generate the header file. Performs a consistency check. Errors and warnings are printed on screen.
    SVDConv ARM_Example.svd --generate=header

    Code snippet from the generated header file showing the structure for TIMER0.
    /* ================ TIMER0 ================ */
    typedef struct {
    __IO uint32_t CR;
    __IO uint16_t SR;
    __I uint16_t RESERVED0[5];
    __IO uint16_t INT;
    __I uint16_t RESERVED1[7];
    __IO uint32_t COUNT;
    __IO uint32_t MATCH;
    union {
    __O uint32_t PRESCALE_WR;
    __I uint32_t PRESCALE_RD;
    __I uint32_t RESERVED2[9];
    __IO uint32_t RELOAD[4];
    } TIMER0_Type;

  4. Generate the header file containing bit fields. Performs a consistency check. Errors and warnings are printed on screen.
    SVDConv ARM_Example.svd --generate=header --fields=struct

    Code snippet from the generated header file showing the structure for TIMER0.
    Compare to the code snippet above.
    /* ================ TIMER0 ================ */
    typedef struct {
    union {
    __IO uint32_t CR;
    struct {
    __IO uint32_t EN : 1;
    __O uint32_t RST : 1;
    __IO uint32_t CNT : 2;
    __IO uint32_t MODE : 3;
    __IO uint32_t PSC : 1;
    __IO uint32_t CNTSRC : 4;
    __IO uint32_t CAPSRC : 4;
    __IO uint32_t CAPEDGE : 2;
    uint32_t : 2;
    __IO uint32_t TRGEXT : 2;
    uint32_t : 2;
    __IO uint32_t RELOAD : 2;
    __IO uint32_t IDR : 2;
    uint32_t : 3;
    __IO uint32_t S : 1;
    } CR_b;
    union {
    __IO uint16_t SR;
    struct {
    __I uint16_t RUN : 1;
    uint16_t : 7;
    __IO uint16_t MATCH : 1;
    __IO uint16_t UN : 1;
    __IO uint16_t OV : 1;
    uint16_t : 1;
    __I uint16_t RST : 1;
    uint16_t : 1;
    __I uint16_t RELOAD : 2;
    } SR_b;
    __I uint16_t RESERVED0[5];
    union {
    __IO uint16_t INT;
    struct {
    __IO uint16_t EN : 1;
    uint16_t : 3;
    __IO uint16_t MODE : 3;
    } INT_b;
    __I uint16_t RESERVED1[7];
    __IO uint32_t COUNT;
    __IO uint32_t MATCH;
    union {
    __O uint32_t PRESCALE_WR;
    __I uint32_t PRESCALE_RD;
    __I uint32_t RESERVED2[9];
    __IO uint32_t RELOAD[4];
    } TIMER0_Type;

Error and Warning Messages

The following table shows the errors and warnings issued by svdconv.

Invocation Errors

Message Number Type Description Action
M020 TextSVD_STRING_OPTIONSDisplays programm help.
M021 Text"\n%DESCR% V%VER%\n%COPYRIGHT%\n"Displays module name, version, date.
M022 Text"Found %ERR% Error(s) and %WARN% Warning(s)."Displays the number of errors/warnings found.
M023 Text"\nPhase%CHECK%"Information about the check pahse.
M024 Text"Arguments: %OPTS%"Specify arguments.

Informative messages

Message Number Type Description Action
M040 Info"%NAME%: %TIME%ms. Passed"
M041 Info"Overall time: %TIME%ms."
M050 Info"Current Working Directory: '%PATH%'"
M051 Info"Reading SVD File: '%PATH%'"
M061 Info"Checking SVD Description"

Invocation errors

Message Number Type Description Action
M101 Error"Unknown error!"Please contact support.
M102 Error"MFC initialization failed"Please contact support.
M103 Error"Internal Error: %REF%"Please contact support.
M104 Critical"%MSG%"Please contact support.
M105 Error"Cannot add Register to group sorter: '%NAME%'"
M106 Error"Command '%NAME%' failed: %NUM%: %MSG%"
M107 Error"Lost xml file stream."Check SVD file.
M108 Error"SfrDis not supported."Disassembly not supported.
M109 Error"Cannot find '%NAME%'"Check specified file.
M111 Progress"%NAME% failed!"Check specified file.
M120 Error"Invalid arguments!"Provide a list of valid arguments.
M121 Error"File not found %NAME%"Check specified file.
M122 Error"Name of command file should follow '@'"Check specified command.
M123 Error"File not found: '%PATH%'!"Check speficied path.
M124 Error"Cannot execute SfrCC2: '%PATH%'!"Check path to SfrCC2.
M125 Warning"SfrCC2 report:\n%MSG%\nSfrCC2 report end.\n"
M126 Warning"SfrDis: %MSG%"
M127 Error"SfrCC2 reports errors!"Check SVD file.
M128 Warning"SfrCC2 reports warnings!"Check SVD file.
M129 Error"Option unknown: %OPT%'"Check given option.
M130 Error"Cannot create file '%NAME%'"Check user rights.
M132 Error"SfrCC2 report:\n%MSG%\nSfrCC2 report end.\n"

Validation errors

Message Number Type Description Action
M201 Error"Tag <%TAG%> unknown or not allowed on this level."Check tag
M202 Error"Parse error: <%TAG%> = '%VALUE%'"Check tag/value.
M203 Error"Value already set: <%TAG%> = '%VALUE%'"Check tag/value.
M204 Error"Parse Error: '%VALUE%'"Check value.
M205 Warning"Tag <%TAG%> empty"Assign value to tag.
M206 Error"DerivedFrom not found: '%NAME%'"Check derivate.
M207 Error"Expression marker found but no <dim> specified: '%NAME%'"Specify dimension.
M208 Error"Ignoring <dimIndex> because specified <name> requires Array generation."Generate an array.
M209 Warning"CPU section not set. This is required for CMSIS Headerfile generation and debug support."Add CPU section.
M210 Warning"Use new Format CMSIS-SVD >= V1.1 and add \<CPU\> Section."Update schema and add CPU section.
M211 Error"Ignoring %LEVEL% %NAME% (see previous message)"
M212 Error"Address Block <usage> parse error: '%NAME%'"Correct address block.
M213 Error"Expression for '%NAME%' incomplete, <%TAG%> missing."Add tag.
M214 Error"Peripheral '%NAME%' <dim> single-instantiation is not supported (use Array instead)."Correct Regs to Reg[s].
M215 Warning"Size of <dim> is only one element for '%NAME%', is this intended?"Check single element.
M216 Warning"Unsupported character found in '%NAME%' : %HEX%."Correct name.
M217 Warning"Forbidden Trigraph '??%CHAR%' found in '%NAME%'."
M218 Warning"Unsupported ESC sequence found in '%NAME%' : %CHAR%."Correct escape sequence.
M219 Error"C Code generation error: %MSG%"
M220 Warning"C Code generation warning: %MSG%"
M221 Warning"Input filename must end with .svd: '%NAME%"Correct input filename extension.
M222 Warning"Input filename has no extension: '%NAME%"Correct input filename extension.
M223 Error"Input File Name '%INFILE%' does not match the tag <name> in the <device> section: '%NAME%'"Correct the MCU name.
M224 Warning"Deprecated: '%NAME%' Use '%NAME2%' instead"Update SVD file.
M225 Error"Upper/lower case error: '%NAME%', should be '%NAME2%'"Update SVD file.
M226 Error"SFD Code generation error: %MSG%"
M227 Warning"SFD Code generation warning: %MSG%"
M228 Error"Enumerated Value Container: Only one Item allowed on this Level!"Remove additional items.
M229 Error"Register '%NAME%' is not an array, <dimArrayIndex> is not applicable"Correct SVD.
M230 Error"Value '%NAME%:%NUM%' out of Range for %LEVEL% '%NAME2%[%NUM2%]'."Correct SVD.
M231 Error"Value <isDefault> not allowed for %LEVEL%."Correct SVD.
M232 Error"Tag <%TAG%> name '%NAME%' must not have specifier '%CHAR%'. Ignoring entry."Correct SVD.
M233 Error"Parse error: <%TAG%> = '%VALUE%'"Correct SVD.
M234 Error"No valid items found for %LEVEL% '%NAME%'"Correct SVD.
M235 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' cannot be an array."Correct SVD.
M236 Error"Expression for <%TAG%> '%NAME%' not allowed."Correct SVD.
M237 Error"Nameless %LEVEL% must have <%TAG%>."Correct SVD.
M238 Error"%LEVEL% must not have <%TAG%>."Correct SVD.
M239 Error"Dimed %LEVEL% '%NAME%' must have an expression."Correct SVD.
M240 Error"Tag <%TAG%> unknown or not allowed on %LEVEL2%:%LEVEL%."Correct SVD.
M241 Error"Parse Error: '%VALUE%' invalid for Array generation"Correct SVD.
M242 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' <dimArrayIndex> found, but no <dim>"Correct SVD.
M243 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' <dimArrayIndex> found, but <dim> does not describe an array"Correct SVD.

Data Check Errors

Message Number Type Description Action
M301 Error"Interrupt number '%NUM% : %NAME%' already defined: %NAME2% %LINE%"
M302 Error"Size of Register '%NAME%:%NUM%' must be 8, 16 or 32 Bits"
M303 Warning"Register name '%NAME%' is prefixed with Peripheral name '%NAME2%'"RegName = USART_CR ==> USART->USART_CR
M304 Warning"Interrupt number overwrite: '%NUM% : %NAME%' %LINE%"
M305 Error"Name not C compliant: '%NAME%' : %HEX%, replaced by '_'"
M306 Error"Schema Version not set for <device>."
M307 Error"Name is equal to Value: '%NAME%'"
M308 Error"Number of <dimIndex> Elements '%NUM%' is different to number of <dim> instances '%NUM2%'"
M309 Error"Field '%NAME%': Offset error: %NUM%"
M310 Error"Field '%NAME%': BitWidth error: %NUM%"
M311 Error"Field '%NAME%': Calculation: MSB or LSB == -1"
M312 Error"Address Block missing for Peripheral '%NAME%'"
M313 Error"Field '%NAME%': LSB > MSB: BitWith calculates to %NUM%"
M314 Error"Address Block: <offset> or <size> not set."
M315 Error"Address Block: <size> is zero."
M316 Error"%LEVEL% <name> not set."
M317 Warning"%LEVEL% <description> not set."
M318 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' <%TAG%> is equal to <name>"
M319 Warning"%LEVEL% <%TAG%> '%NAME%' ends with newline, is this intended?"
M320 Warning"%LEVEL% <description> '%NAME%' is not very descriptive"
M321 Warning"%LEVEL% <%ITEM%> '%NAME%' starts with '_', is this intended?"
M322 Error"%LEVEL% %ITEM% '%NAME%' is meaningless text. Deleted."
M323 Warning"%LEVEL% <%ITEM%> '%NAME%' contains text '%TEXT%'"
M324 Error"Field '%NAME%' %BITRANGE% does not fit into Register '%NAME2%:%NUM%' %LINE%"
M325 Error"CPU Revision is not set"
M326 Error"Endianess is not set, using default (little)"
M327 Error"NVIC Prio Bits not set or wrong value, must be 2..8. Using default (4)"
M328 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' has no Registers, ignoring %LEVEL%."
M329 Error"CPU Type is not set, using default (Cortex-M3)"
M330 Error"Interrupt '%NAME%' Number not set."
M331 Error"Interrupt '%NAME%' Number '%NUM%' greater 239."
M332 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' has only one Register."
M333 Error"Duplicate <enumeratedValue> %NUM%: '%NAME%' (%USAGE%), already used by '%NAME2%' (%USAGE2%) %LINE%"
M334 Warning"%LEVEL% <%ITEM%> '%NAME%' is very long, use <description> and a shorter <name>"
M335 Error"Value '%NAME%:%NUM%' does not fit into field '%NAME2%' %BITRANGE%."
M336 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' already defined %LINE%"
M337 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' already defined %LINE%"
M338 Error"Field '%NAME%' %BITRANGE% (%ACCESS%) overlaps '%NAME2%' %BITRANGE2% (%ACCESS2%) %LINE%"
M339 Error"Register '%NAME%' (%ACCESS%) (@%ADDRSIZE%) has same address or overlaps '%NAME2%' (%ACCESS2%) (@%ADDRSIZE2%) %LINE%"
M340 Error"No Devices found."
M341 Error"More than one devices found, only one is allowed per SVD File."
M342 Error"Dim-extended %LEVEL% '%NAME%' must not have <headerStructName>"
M343 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) has same address as '%NAME2%' %LINE%"
M344 Error"Register '%NAME%' (@%ADDRSIZE%) is outside or does not fit any <addressBlock> specified for Peripheral '%NAME2%'\n%TEXT%"
M345 Error"Field '%NAME%' %BITRANGE% does not fit into Register '%NAME2%:%NUM%'"
M346 Warning"Register '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) offset is equal or is greater than it's Peripheral base address '%NAME2%' (@%ADDR2%), is this intended?"
M347 Warning"Field '%NAME%' (width < 6Bit) without any <enumeratedValue> found."
M348 Error"Alternate %LEVEL% '%NAME%' does not exist at %LEVEL% address (@%ADDR%)"
M349 Error"Alternate %LEVEL% '%NAME%' is equal to %LEVEL% name '%NAME2%'"
M350 Warning"Peripheral '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) is not 4Byte-aligned."
M351 Warning"Peripheral %TYPE% '%NAME%' is equal to Peripheral name."
M352 Warning"AddressBlock of Peripheral '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) %TEXT% overlaps '%NAME2%' (@%ADDR2%) %TEXT2% %LINE%"
M353 Warning"Peripheral group name '%NAME%' should not end with '_'"
M354 Error"Interrupt '%NUM%:%NAME%' specifies a Core Interrupt. Core Interrupts must not be defined, they are set through \<cpu><name>."
M355 Error"No Interrupts found on pos. 0..15. External (Vendor-)Interrupts possibly defined on position 16+. External Interrupts must start on position 0"
M356 Warning"No Interrupt definitions found."
M357 Error"Core Interrupts found. Interrupt Numbers are wrong. Internal Interrupts must not be described, External Interrupts must start at 0."
M358 Error"AddressBlock of Peripheral '%NAME%' %TEXT% overlaps AddressBlock %TEXT2% in same peripheral %LINE%"
M359 Error"Address Block: <usage> not set."
M360 Error"Address Block: found <%TAG%> (%HEXNUM%) > %HEXNUM2%."
M361 Error"%LEVEL% %ITEM% '%NAME%': 'RESERVED' items must not be defined."
M362 Warning"%LEVEL% %ITEM% '%NAME%': 'RESERVED' items must not be defined."
M363 Error"CPU: <sauNumRegions> not set."
M364 Error"CPU: <sauNumRegions> value '%NUM%' greater than SAU max num (%NUM2%)"
M365 Warning"Register '%NAME%' (%ACCESS%) (@%ADDRSIZE%) has same address or overlaps '%NAME2%' (%ACCESS2%) (@%ADDRSIZE2%) %LINE%"
M366 Error"Register '%NAME%' size (%NUM%Bit) is greater than <dimIncrement> * <addressBitsUnits> (%NUM2%Bit)."
M367 Warning"Access Type: Field '%NAME%' (%ACCESS%) does not match Register '%NAME2%' (%ACCESS2%)"
M368 Warning"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) has same address as '%NAME2%' %LINE%"
M369 Error"Enumerated Value '%NAME%': <value> not set."
M370 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%': <offset> not set."
M371 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' <headerStructName> is equal to hirachical name"
M372 Error"%LEVEL% <%TAG%> '%NAME%' already defined %LINE%"
M373 Error"%LEVEL% <%TAG%> '%NAME%' already defined %LINE%"
M374 Warning"\<enumeratedValues\> can be one <enumeratedValues> container for all \<enumeratedValue\>s, where <usage> can be read, write, or read-write or two <enumeratedValues> containers, where one is set to <usage>read and the other is set to <usage>write"
M375 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' (\<enumeratedValues\> '%NAME2%'): Too many <enumeratedValues> container specified."
M376 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' (\<enumeratedValues\> '%NAME2%'): '%USAGE%' container already defined in %LINE%."
M377 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%' (\<enumeratedValues\> '%NAME2%'): '%USAGE%' container conflicts with '%NAME3%' %LINE%."
M378 Error"Register Array: Register '%NAME%' size (%NUM%Bit) does not match \<dimIncrement\> (%NUM2%Bit)."
M379 Error"XBin Number '%NAME%' too large, skipping evaluation."
M380 Error"AddressBlock of Peripheral '%NAME%' (@%ADDR%) %TEXT% does not fit into 32Bit Address Space."
M381 Error"Interrupt '%NAME%' Number '%NUM%' greater or equal deviceNumInterrupts (%NUM2%)."
M382 Error"%LEVEL% '%NAME%': %NAME2% '%HEXNUM%' does not fit into %LEVEL% width: %NUM% Bit."

Data modification errors

Message Number Type Description Action
M517 Warning"SFD Code generation: Forbidden Trigraph '??%CHAR%' found in '%NAME%'."
M516 Warning"SFD Code generation: Unsupported character found in '%NAME%' : %HEX%."
M518 Warning"SFD Code generation: Unsupported ESC sequence found in '%NAME%' : %CHAR%."