CMSIS-RTOS2  Version 2.1.3
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation
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RTOS Validation

Arm offers a Software Pack for the CMSIS-RTOS Validation. The ARM::CMSIS-RTOS_Validation Pack contains the following:

  • Source code of a CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite along with configuration file.
  • Documentation of the CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite.
  • Example that shows the usage of the CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite using simulation.
Currently, a public version of the test suite is available only for CMSIS-RTOS v1 API.

The CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite performs generic validation of various RTOS features. The test cases verify the functional behavior, test invalid parameters and call management functions from ISR.

The following CMSIS-RTOS features can be tested with the current release:

  • Thread : Create multiple threads, terminate, restart, yield, change priority
  • Timer : Create periodic and one-shot timers
  • GenWait : Call generic wait functions (osDelay and osWait)
  • WaitFunc : Measure wait ticks (delay, mail, message, mutex, semaphore, signal)

Moreover the following inter-thread communication functions can be tested:

  • Signal : Verify signal events
  • Memory Pool : Verify memory allocation
  • Message Queue : Exchange messages between threads
  • Mail Queue : Exchange data between threads
  • Mutex : Synchronize resource access
  • Semaphore : Access shared resources

The RTOS Validation output can be printed to a console, output via ITM printf, or output to a memory buffer.

Sample Test Output

CMSIS-RTOS Test Suite   Oct 21 2015   16:39:16 

TEST 01: TC_ThreadCreate                  PASSED
TEST 02: TC_ThreadMultiInstance           PASSED
TEST 03: TC_ThreadTerminate               PASSED
TEST 08: TC_ThreadChainedCreate           PASSED
TEST 09: TC_ThreadYield                   NOT EXECUTED
TEST 10: TC_ThreadParam                   PASSED
TEST 60: TC_MailFromISRToThread           PASSED

Test Summary: 60 Tests, 59 Executed, 59 Passed, 0 Failed, 0 Warnings.
Test Result: PASSED