CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M)  Version 5.3.0
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-M processor-based devices
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MPU_Type Struct Reference

Structure type to access the Memory Protection Unit (MPU).

Data Fields

__IM uint32_t TYPE
 Offset: 0x000 (R/ ) MPU Type Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t CTRL
 Offset: 0x004 (R/W) MPU Control Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RNR
 Offset: 0x008 (R/W) MPU Region RNRber Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RBAR
 Offset: 0x00C (R/W) MPU Region Base Address Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RASR
 Offset: 0x010 (R/W) MPU Region Attribute and Size Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RBAR_A1
 Offset: 0x014 (R/W) MPU Alias 1 Region Base Address Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RASR_A1
 Offset: 0x018 (R/W) MPU Alias 1 Region Attribute and Size Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RBAR_A2
 Offset: 0x01C (R/W) MPU Alias 2 Region Base Address Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RASR_A2
 Offset: 0x020 (R/W) MPU Alias 2 Region Attribute and Size Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RBAR_A3
 Offset: 0x024 (R/W) MPU Alias 3 Region Base Address Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t RASR_A3
 Offset: 0x028 (R/W) MPU Alias 3 Region Attribute and Size Register. More...

Field Documentation


Enables the MPU, and when the MPU is enabled, controls whether the default memory map is enabled as a background region for privileged accesses, and whether the MPU is enabled for HardFaults, NMIs, and exception handlers when FAULTMASK is set to 1.

Bits Name Function
[31:3] - Reserved.
[2] PRIVDEFENA 0 - Disables the default memory map. 1 - Enables the default memory map as a background region for privileged access.
[1] HFNMIENA 0 - Disables the MPU for exception handlers. 1 - Use the MPU for memory accesses by exception handlers.
[0] ENABLE 0 - The MPU is disabled. 1 - The MPU is enabled.

Defines the size and access behavior of the region identified by MPU_RNR, and enables that region.

Bits Name Function
[31:29] - Reserved.
[28] XN Execute Never.
[27] - Reserved.
[26:24] AP Access Permissions, see ARM_MPU_AP_xxx.
[23:22] - Reserved.
[21:19] TEX Type Extension.
[18] S Shareable.
[17] C Cacheable.
[16] B Bufferable.
[15:8] SRD Subregion Disable. For regions of 256 bytes or larger, each bit of this field controls whether one of the eight equal subregions is enabled (0) or disabled (1).
[7:6] - Reserved.
[5:1] SIZE Indicates the region size. The region size, in bytes, is 2(SIZE+1). SIZE field values less than 4 are reserved, because the smallest supported region size is 32 bytes.
[0] ENABLE 0 - This region is disabled. 1 - This region is enabled.

Alias for MPU_Type::RASR.


Alias for MPU_Type::RASR.


Alias for MPU_Type::RASR.


Holds the base address of the region identified by MPU_RNR. On a write, can also be used to update the base address of a specified region, in the range 0 to 15, updating MPU_RNR with the new region number.

Bits Name Function
[31:5] ADDR Base address of the region.
[4] VALID 1 - Update MPU_Type::RNR to the value obtained by zero extending the REGION value specified in this write, and apply the base address update to this region.
[3:0] REGION On writes, can specify the number of the region to update, see VALID field description.

Alias for MPU_Type::RBAR.


Alias for MPU_Type::RBAR.


Alias for MPU_Type::RBAR.


Selects the region currently accessed by MPU_Type::RBAR and MPU_Type::RASR.

Bits Name Function
[31:8] - Reserved.
[7:0] REGION Indicates the memory region accessed.

The MPU Type Register indicates how many regions the MPU support. Software can use it to determine if the processor implements an MPU.

Bits Name Function
[31:24] - Reserved.
[23:16] IREGION Instruction region. RAZ. Armv7-M only supports a unified MPU.
[15:8] DREGION Number of regions supported by the MPU. If this field reads-as-zero the processor does not implement an MPU.
[7:1] - Reserved.
[0] SEPARATE Indicates support for separate instruction and data address maps. RAZ. Armv7-M only supports a unified MPU.