CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M)  Version 5.3.0
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-M processor-based devices
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FPU_Type Struct Reference

Structure type to access the Floating Point Unit (FPU).

Data Fields

uint32_t RESERVED0 [1]
 Reserved. More...
__IOM uint32_t FPCCR
 Offset: 0x004 (R/W) Floating-Point Context Control Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t FPCAR
 Offset: 0x008 (R/W) Floating-Point Context Address Register. More...
__IOM uint32_t FPDSCR
 Offset: 0x00C (R/W) Floating-Point Default Status Control Register. More...
__IM uint32_t MVFR0
 Offset: 0x010 (R/ ) Media and FP Feature Register 0. More...
__IM uint32_t MVFR1
 Offset: 0x014 (R/ ) Media and FP Feature Register 1. More...

Field Documentation

__IOM uint32_t FPU_Type::FPCAR
__IOM uint32_t FPU_Type::FPCCR
__IOM uint32_t FPU_Type::FPDSCR
__IM uint32_t FPU_Type::MVFR0
__IM uint32_t FPU_Type::MVFR1
uint32_t FPU_Type::RESERVED0[1]