CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M)  Version 5.3.0
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-M processor-based devices
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Secure Attribution Unit (SAU) functions related to TrustZone for Armv8-M. More...


void TZ_SAU_Setup (void)
 Setup Secure Attribute Unit (SAU) and non-secure interrupts. More...
void TZ_SAU_Enable (void)
 Enable Security Attribution Unit (SAU) More...
void TZ_SAU_Disable (void)
 Disable Security Attribution Unit (SAU) More...


The Secure Attribution Unit (SAU) functions SAU

A SAU is always present if the security extension is available. The functionality differs if the SAU contains SAU regions. If SAU regions are available is configured with the macro __SAUREGION_PRESENT (see Configuration of the Processor and Core Peripherals).

Function Documentation

void TZ_SAU_Disable ( void  )

Disables the Security Attribution Unit (SAU).

void TZ_SAU_Enable ( void  )

Enables the Security Attribution Unit (SAU).

void TZ_SAU_Setup ( void  )

The function TZ_SAU_Setup uses the settings in the System Partition Header File partition_<device>.h to initialize the Secure Attribute Unit (SAU) and define non-secure interrupts. It is called from the function SystemInit.