CMSIS-RTOS  Version 1.03
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation.
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RTOS Validation

Arm offers a Software Pack for the CMSIS-RTOS Validation. The ARM::CMSIS-RTOS_Validation Pack contains the following:

  • Source code of a CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite along with configuration file.
  • Documentation of the CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite.
  • Example that shows the usage of the CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite using simulation.

The CMSIS-RTOS Validation Suite is currently available in beta release and performs generic validation of various RTOS features. The test cases verify the functional behaviour, test invalid parameters and call management functions from ISR.

The following CMSIS-RTOS features can be tested with the current release:

  • Thread : Create multiple threads, terminate, restart, yield, change priority
  • Timer : Create periodic and one-shot timers
  • GenWait : Call generic wait functions (osDelay and osWait)
  • WaitFunc : Measure wait ticks (delay, mail, message, mutex, semaphore, signal)

Moreover the following inter-thread communication functions can be tested:

  • Signal : Verify signal events
  • Memory Pool : Verify memory allocation
  • Message Queue : Exchange messages between threads
  • Mail Queue : Exchange data between threads
  • Mutex : Synchronize resource access
  • Semaphore : Access shared resources

The RTOS Validation output can be printed to a console, output via ITM printf, or output to a memory buffer.

Sample Test Output

CMSIS-RTOS Test Suite   Oct 21 2015   16:39:16 

TEST 01: TC_ThreadCreate                  PASSED
TEST 02: TC_ThreadMultiInstance           PASSED
TEST 03: TC_ThreadTerminate               PASSED
TEST 08: TC_ThreadChainedCreate           PASSED
TEST 09: TC_ThreadYield                   NOT EXECUTED
TEST 10: TC_ThreadParam                   PASSED
TEST 60: TC_MailFromISRToThread           PASSED

Test Summary: 60 Tests, 59 Executed, 59 Passed, 0 Failed, 0 Warnings.
Test Result: PASSED