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arm_nn_mat_mult_kernel_q7_q15.c File Reference


q7_t * arm_nn_mat_mult_kernel_q7_q15 (const q7_t *pA, const q15_t *pInBuffer, const uint16_t ch_im_out, const uint16_t numCol_A, const uint16_t bias_shift, const uint16_t out_shift, const q7_t *bias, q7_t *pOut)
 Matrix-multiplication function for convolution. More...

Function Documentation

q7_t* arm_nn_mat_mult_kernel_q7_q15 ( const q7_t *  pA,
const q15_t *  pInBuffer,
const uint16_t  ch_im_out,
const uint16_t  numCol_A,
const uint16_t  bias_shift,
const uint16_t  out_shift,
const q7_t *  bias,
q7_t *  pOut 

Matrix-Multiplication Kernels for Convolution.

Refer to header file for details.

References arm_nn_read_q15x2_ia(), and NN_ROUND.

Referenced by arm_convolve_HWC_q7_basic(), arm_convolve_HWC_q7_basic_nonsquare(), and arm_convolve_HWC_q7_RGB().