CMSIS-DSP  Version 1.10.0
CMSIS DSP Software Library
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arm_mfcc_instance_q31 Struct Reference

Data Fields

const q31_tdctCoefs
const q31_tfilterCoefs
const q31_twindowCoefs
const uint32_t * filterPos
const uint32_t * filterLengths
uint32_t fftLen
uint32_t nbMelFilters
uint32_t nbDctOutputs
arm_rfft_instance_q31 rfft

Field Documentation

const q31_t* dctCoefs

Internal DCT coefficients

uint32_t fftLen

FFT length

const q31_t* filterCoefs

Internal Mel filter coefficients

const uint32_t* filterLengths

Internal Mel filter lengths

const uint32_t* filterPos

Internal Mel filter positions in spectrum

uint32_t nbDctOutputs

Number of DCT outputs

uint32_t nbMelFilters

Number of Mel filters

const q31_t* windowCoefs

Windowing coefficients