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arm_lms_norm_instance_q31 Struct Reference

Instance structure for the Q31 normalized LMS filter.

Data Fields

uint16_t numTaps
q31_t mu
uint8_t postShift
const q31_trecipTable
q31_t energy
q31_t x0

Field Documentation

q31_t energy

saves previous frame energy.

q31_t mu

step size that controls filter coefficient updates.

uint16_t numTaps

number of coefficients in the filter.

q31_t* pCoeffs

points to the coefficient array. The array is of length numTaps.

uint8_t postShift

bit shift applied to coefficients.

q31_t* pState

points to the state variable array. The array is of length numTaps+blockSize-1.

const q31_t* recipTable

points to the reciprocal initial value table.

q31_t x0

saves previous input sample.