CMSIS-DSP  Version 1.10.0
CMSIS DSP Software Library
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Dot Product Example
Demonstrates the use of the Multiply and Add functions to perform the dot product. The dot product of two vectors is obtained by multiplying corresponding elements and summing the products.
The two input vectors A and B with length n, are multiplied element-by-element and then added to obtain dot product.
This is denoted by the following equation:
  dotProduct = A[0] * B[0] + A[1] * B[1] + ... + A[n-1] * B[n-1]
Block Diagram:
Variables Description:
  • srcA_buf_f32 points to first input vector
  • srcB_buf_f32 points to second input vector
  • testOutput stores dot product of the two input vectors.
CMSIS DSP Software Library Functions Used:

Refer arm_dotproduct_example_f32.c