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arm_cfft_f16.c File Reference


void arm_bitreversal_16 (uint16_t *pSrc, const uint16_t bitRevLen, const uint16_t *pBitRevTable)
 In-place 16 bit reversal function. More...
void arm_cfft_radix4by2_f16 (float16_t *pSrc, uint32_t fftLen, const float16_t *pCoef)
void arm_radix4_butterfly_f16 (float16_t *pSrc, uint16_t fftLen, const float16_t *pCoef, uint16_t twidCoefModifier)
void arm_cfft_f16 (const arm_cfft_instance_f16 *S, float16_t *p1, uint8_t ifftFlag, uint8_t bitReverseFlag)
 Processing function for the floating-point complex FFT. More...

Function Documentation

void arm_bitreversal_16 ( uint16_t *  pSrc,
const uint16_t  bitRevLen,
const uint16_t *  pBitRevTab 
[in,out]pSrcpoints to in-place buffer of unknown 16-bit data type
[in]bitRevLenbit reversal table length
[in]pBitRevTabpoints to bit reversal table
void arm_radix4_butterfly_f16 ( float16_t *  pSrc,
uint16_t  fftLen,
const float16_t *  pCoef,
uint16_t  twidCoefModifier 

end of ComplexFFT group