CMSIS-DAP  Version 2.1.1
Interface Firmware for CoreSight Debug Access Port
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Atomic Commands

Execute atomic commands. More...


 Execute multiple DAP commands from a single packet.
 Queue multiple DAP commands provided in a multiple packets.


Execute atomic commands.

CMSIS-DAP command set is extended with two top level commands that allow the execution of multiple DAP commands further USB communication. Executing multiple CMSIS-DAP commands is typically a requirement at the reset time of some devices. The sequence after reset can be time critical and any USB communication would violate the available time window.

These two DAP commands are used to collect several other DAP commands before execution. Packet Size and Packet Count limitation (as reported via DAP_Info) must be respected by the debugger.

The Atomic Commands are only available when DAP_Info with ID=0xF0 (Capabilities) returns in Info - Bit 4: 1 = Atomic Commands.