CMSIS-Core (Cortex-A)  Version 1.2.1
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-A processor-based devices
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System Control Register (SCTLR)

The SCTLR provides the top level control of the system, including its memory system. More...


 Bit position and mask macros.

Data Structures

struct  SCTLR_Type
 Bit field declaration for SCTLR layout. More...


__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void __set_SCTLR (uint32_t sctlr)
 Set SCTLR. More...
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE uint32_t __get_SCTLR (void)
 Get SCTLR. More...


In a VMSAv7 implementation, the SCTLR bit assignments are:

Bits Name Function
[31] - Reserved.
[30] TE Thumb Exception enable.
[29] AFE Access flag enable bit.
[28] TRE TEX remap enable bit.
[27:26] - Reserved.
[25] EE Exception Endianness bit.
[24:21] - Reserved.
[20] UWXN Unprivileged write permission implies PL1 Execute Never (XN).
[19] WXN Write permission implies Execute Never (XN).
[18:14] - Reserved.
[13] V Vectors bit.
[12] I Instruction cache enable bit.
[11] Z Branch prediction enable bit.
[10] SW SWP and SWPB enable bit.
[9:3] - Reserved.
[2] C Cache enable bit.
[1] A Alignment bit.
[0] M Address translation enable bit.

Consider using __get_SCTLR and __set_SCTLR for accessing this register.

Function Documentation

__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t __get_SCTLR ( void  )
System Control Register value

This function returns the value of the System Control Register (SCTLR).

__STATIC_INLINE void __set_SCTLR ( uint32_t  sctlr)

This function assigns the given value to the System Control Register.

[in]sctlrSystem Control Register value to set

This function assigns the given value to the System Control Register (SCTLR).