CMSIS-Core (Cortex-A)  Version 1.2.1
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-A processor-based devices
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Floating-point Status and Control Register (FPSCR)

Provides floating-point system status information and control. More...


 Bit position and mask macros.

Data Structures

struct  FPSCR_Type
 Bit field declaration for FPSCR layout. More...


__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t __get_FPSCR (void)
 Get FPSCR (Floating Point Status/Control) More...
__STATIC_INLINE void __set_FPSCR (uint32_t fpscr)
 Set FPSCR (Floating Point Status/Control) More...


Bits Name Function
[31] N Negative condition flag.
[30] Z Zero condition flag.
[29] C Carry condition flag.
[28] V Overflow condition flag.
[27] QC External abort pending bit.
[26] AHP External abort pending bit.
[25] DN External abort pending bit.
[24] FZ External abort pending bit.
[23:22] RMode External abort pending bit.
[21:20] Stride External abort pending bit.
[19] - Reserved.
[18:16] Len External abort pending bit.
[15] IDE IRQ pending bit.
[14:13] - Reserved.
[12] IXE IRQ pending bit.
[11] UFE IRQ pending bit.
[10] OFE IRQ pending bit.
[9] DZE IRQ pending bit.
[8] IOE IRQ pending bit.
[7] IDC IRQ pending bit.
[6:5] - Reserved.
[4] IXC FIQ pending bit.
[3] UFC FIQ pending bit.
[2] OFC FIQ pending bit.
[1] DZC FIQ pending bit.
[0] IOC FIQ pending bit.

Consider __get_FPSCR and __set_FPSCR to access this register.

Function Documentation

__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t __get_FPSCR ( void  )
Floating Point Status/Control register value

This function returns the current value of the Floating-point Status and Control Register (FPSCR).

__STATIC_INLINE void __set_FPSCR ( uint32_t  fpscr)
[in]fpscrFloating Point Status/Control value to set

Assigns the given value to the Floating-point Status and Control Register (FPSCR).