CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M)  Version 5.6.0
CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-M processor-based devices
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I-Cache Functions

Functions for the level-1 instruction cache. More...


__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_EnableICache (void)
 Enable I-Cache. More...
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_DisableICache (void)
 Disable I-Cache. More...
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_InvalidateICache (void)
 Invalidate I-Cache. More...
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_InvalidateICache_by_Addr (volatile void *addr, int32_t isize)
 I-Cache Invalidate by address. More...


Functions for the level-1 instruction cache.

Function Documentation

__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_DisableICache ( void  )

Disable I-Cache.

The function turns off the instruction cache.

__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_EnableICache ( void  )

Enable I-Cache.

The function turns on the instruction cache.

Before enabling the instruction cache, you must invalidate (SCB_InvalidateICache) the entire instruction cache if external memory might have changed since the cache was disabled.
After reset, you must invalidate (SCB_InvalidateICache) each cache before enabling it.
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_InvalidateICache ( void  )

Invalidate I-Cache.

The function invalidates the instruction cache. The instruction cache is never dirty so cache RAM errors are always recoverable by invalidating the cache and retrying the instruction.

After reset, you must invalidate each cache before enabling (SCB_EnableICache) it.
__STATIC_FORCEINLINE void SCB_InvalidateICache_by_Addr ( volatile void *  addr,
int32_t  isize 

I-Cache Invalidate by address.

Invalidates I-Cache for the given address. I-Cache is invalidated starting from a 32 byte aligned address in 32 byte granularity. I-Cache memory blocks which are part of given address + given size are invalidated.

[in]isizesize of memory block (in number of bytes)