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Renesas R7FA2A1AB3CFM

ARM Cortex-M23, 48 MHz, 264 kB ROM, 32 kB RAM

The RA2A1 Group of microcontrollers (MCUs) uses a high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M23 core and offers highly integrated, high-accuracy analog capabilities. This group of ICs offers a complete MCU with analog solution for signal conditioning and measurement. The RA2A1 Group supports a wide operating voltage range of 1.6V to 5.5V. It includes a 16-bit SAR ADC, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, comparators, operational amplifiers, and DACs. The RA2A1 MCU targets cost sensitive and low power industrial sensor applications where high resolution analog will become a cost benefit. Applications

  • Industrial automation (photoelectric sensor, fiber sensor, temperature sensor)
  • Building automation/home appliance (smoke detector)
  • Healthcare (pulse oximeters, body composition measurement)
  • General purpose
Core ARM Cortex-M23, 48 MHz
  • Processor:Cortex-M23, 48 MHz
  • Cryptographic Engine:128.256 -bit AES Engine
  • RNG:True Random Number Generator(TRNG)
  • Other:1 x High-Speed Analog Comparator(ACMPHS)
Memory 32 kB RAM, 264 kB ROM
  • ROM:256 kB
  • ROM:8 kB
  • RAM:32 kB
  • Additional Memory:256 byte Code Flash Kbytes
  • Additional Memory:32 byte SRAM Kbytes
  • Additional Memory:8 byte Data Flash Kbytes
Clock & Power 1.6 V .. 5.5 V, 48 MHz
  • External Oscillator:0 uW/MHz 48 MHz External Crystal Oscillator
  • Supply Voltage:1.6 V .. 5.5 V Operating Voltage
  • Maximum Clock Frequency:48 MHz,
  • RTC:0 uW/MHz Real Time CLock
  • PLL:1 Hz Internal PLL
Communication SPI, I2C, CAN, Other
  • SPI:2 x Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • I2C:2 x I2C bus interface (IIC)
  • CAN:1 x Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Other:3 x Serial Communications Interface (SCI)
Timer/Counter/PWM 1 x 32-bit Timer, 6 x 16-bit Timer, 2 x 16-bit Timer
  • Watchdog:1 x Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • Timer/Counter:1 x 32-bit General PWM Timer (GPT)
  • Timer/Counter:6 x 16-bit General PWM Timer (GPT)
  • Timer/Counter:2 x 16-bit Asynchronous General Purpose Timer (AGT)
Analog 1-channel 12 bit DAC, 1-channel 8 bit DAC, 17-channel 16 bit ADC, 10-channel 24 bit ADC
  • ADC:17-channel x 16 bit ADC
  • ADC:10-channel x 24 bit ADC
  • DAC:1-channel x 12 bit DAC
  • DAC:1-channel x 8 bit DAC
  • Temperature Sensor:1 x Temperature Sensor (TSN)
I/O & Package -40 °C .. 105 °C, 32-QFP, 64-QFP, 48.40-QFN, 36-BGA
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 °C .. 105 °C Operating Temperature Range
  • Package, QFP:32-lead Leadless Quad Flat Pack (LQFP)
  • Package, QFP:64-lead Leadless Quad Flat Pack (LQFP
  • Package, QFN:48.40-pad Quad-Flat No-leads
  • Package, BGA:36-ball Ball Grid Array
  • Other:3 x Operational Amplifier (OPAMP)
  • Capacitive Touch Inputs:26 x Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit(CTSU)
Development Tools
CMSIS Drivers No CMSIS-Driver in Device Family Pack.
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