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System Viewer Windows
New in µVision4

µVision4 Desktop Icon The System Viewer Windows provide information about device peripheral register contents. Detailed status information is available and can be changed directly from within the System Viewer window.

System Viewer Windows in µVision4
The picture shows the various value representations that are possible.

System Viewer Windows display memory-mapped registers that the processor can write to in order to control peripheral devices. Multiple windows can be opened during a debug session, with each window able to display one register, a block of registers for one peripheral, or registers for multiple peripherals.

The System Viewer allows the user to:

  • Change the header file and add or remove up to 100 memory addresses
  • Add properties to view additional information, like the data breakdown or description of peripherals
  • Change the value of properties at runtime. Simply click into the value-field of the property and type a new value
  • View additional information to a property (see red circle)
  • View values instantly, as they are updated by the Simulator and the target hardware

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