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      /*         Release Notes for Version 3.00           */
      /*            251 DEVELOPMENT TOOL KITS             */

This file contains release notes and last minute changes relating
to the 251 Version 3.00 Tool Chain. Information in this file, the 
accompanying manual, and software is Copyright (c) 2000 Keil 
Software and Keil Elektronik. All rights reserved.


1.  uVision2 Integrated Development Environment

2.  Example Programs

3.  Sales and Technical Support

1.  uVision2 Integrated Development Environment

    This release includes uVision2 for Windows which is an integrated
    development environment that encapsulates the following:

    - a project manager
    - integrated make facility
    - tool configuration
    - editor
    - a powerful debugger

    Using our tools, uVision2 allows you to write, compile, and debug
    your programs.  The example programs provided on this CD are
    designed to work with uVision2.

2.  Example Programs

    Several example programs are included in the EXAMPLES directory.
    These examples demonstrate how to use the uVision2 Project Manager
    and Debugger (see the uVision2 Quick Start Guide for details).

9.  uVision2 Debugger - On-Chip Peripherals in the Simulator

    The uVision2 Debugger Simulator supports all device variants
    that are currently available:  80C251Sx, 80C251Tx, C251G1D, C251G2D,

3.  Sales and Technical Support

    At Keil Software, we are dedicated to providing you with the 
    best development tools and technical support. More than 1200 
    technical support questions and related answers can be 
    accessed with the Keil Online Support Solutions Database at:


    When a new question arises, the database is updated and published
    daily to the Web. This process enables you to get technical
    support at times when our support staff is unavailable. 

    If you experience any problems or have any questions about this
    product, contact one of our offices for assistance.

    In the USA...                  |   In Europe...
    KEIL Software, Inc.            |   KEIL Elektronik GmbH
    1501 10th St., Suite 110       |   Bretonischer Ring 15
    Plano, Texas 75074             |   D-85630 Grasbrunn, Germany
    Sales    (800) 348-8051        |   Sales    +49 89 456040-0
    Support  (972) 312-1107        |   Support  +49 89 456040-24
    Fax      (972) 312-1159        |   Fax      +49 89 468162
    Email     |   Email

    We have more than 60 representatives around the world and the
    distributor's addresses can be found on our World Wide Web 
    Many of the features of the Keil Online Support Solutions 
    Database are the result of your suggestions. If you have any 
    ideas to improve our technical support or our web site,
    please give us your feedback! 
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