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ULINKpro User's Guide

The ULINK®pro User's Guide describes the Keil ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit and contains operating instructions for the hardware.

  • Introduction gives an overview of the ULINKpro USB-JTAG Adapter features, requirements, technical characteristics, and a reference to supported devices. CoreSight™ capabilities and the supported connectors are presented.
  • Hardware Description explains the components, target interfaces, and interface schematic of the ULINKpro adapter in detail. In addition, it describes the start and reset sequences triggered when a debugging session is started.
  • Setup ULINKpro explains the configuration possibilities of the ULINKpro adapter within µVision to use it as a debugging, tracing, and Flash programming unit. This chapter also describes the connecting interfaces, and how to install the driver.
  • Using ULINKpro describes how to download and debug the program on the target devices, and explains target chaining.
  • Configure Cortex-M Devices for Tracing explains the settings needed for enabling tracing by means of certain devices.
  • µVision Windows discusses the trace capturing and displaying capabilities of the ULINKpro adapter, as well as the µVision windows used to visualize and analyze the data.
  • Troubleshooting gives hints and solutions to issues that might arise.
  • Appendix lists additional information such as error messages.

Revision History

  • February 2013:
    Troubleshooting Guide added.
    Trace Exceptions window updated.
    Event Counters window updated.
  • July 2012: Support of debugging multi-core devices. Refer to SW Device.
  • February 2011: Troubleshooting section added.
  • April 2010: Appendix with error messages added.
  • March 2010: Configure Cortex-M Devices for Tracing added.
  • November 2009: Initial revision.

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