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ULINK-ME User's Guide

The Keil ULINK®-ME USB-JTAG Interface Adapter is a small hardware adapter that connects the USB port of your PC to the JTAG or OCDS debugging port of your target hardware. ULINK-ME is kin to the original ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter but has been updated and enhanced in many ways. You may use ULINK-ME to:

  • Download programs and test them on your target hardware.
  • Program the on-chip FLASH memory of many devices.
  • Program external FLASH memory of many target systems.

The ULINK-ME User's Guide describes the ULINK-ME Adapter and contains detailed operating instructions for the hardware.

  • Introduction gives an overview of the ULINK-ME USB-JTAG Adapter, features, where to find Technical Support, and a reference of supported devices.
  • Hardware Description explains the components of the ULINK-ME Adapter in detail.
  • Setup shows the ULINK-ME Adapter components, how to connect and use the board, and describes the drivers and target cables.
  • Real-Time Agent allows you to view and modify your target board's memory contents "on the fly", without stopping your program. Step-by-step instructions show you easy it is to how to add this feature to your application.

Revision History

  • September 2007: Initial revision.

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