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RTX51 Tiny Version 2 includes many new features that make real-time software development easier. For example:

  • Code Banking Support
    RTX51 Tiny now supports code banking. This option must be enabled in the CONF_TNY.A51 configuration file. As with all other code banking applications you must define the code banking hardware configuration in the L51_BANK.A51 file.
  • Explicit Task Switching
    A new function (os_switch_task) allows a task to immediately perform a task switch to another task that is in the READY state.
  • Task Ready Flag
    New RTX51 Tiny library routines, isr_set_ready and os_set_ready, allow you to set the READY flag for a task. The READY flag may be used to immediately place a task waiting for an interval, timeout, or signal (refer to os_wait) in the READY state. The task is resumed at the next opportunity.
  • CPU Idle Mode Support
    RTX51 Tiny now allows you to enter Idle Mode (available on many devices) inside the Idle Task.
  • User Code Support in Timer Interrupt
    You may now add your own code to the RTX51 Tiny Timer Tick Interrupt. You may use the same fixed clock rate as RTX51 Tiny for your own routines. This option must be enabled in the CONF_TNY.A51 configuration file
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  • Interval Adjustment Support
    The os_reset_interval function allows you to adjust the timeout value for an interval when mixing intervals and signals in calls to the os_wait routine.

In addition, RTX51 Tiny has been completely restructured to gain flexibility, accelerate performance, and reduce code and data space requirements. RTX51 Tiny Version 2 is scalable and shows significant code size reductions when the following conditions are met.

  1. Round-Robin Task Switching is disabled.
  2. Few RTX51 Tiny system functions are used.
  3. Stack Checking is disabled.

Disabling Round-Robin Task Switching also reduces data space requirements.

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