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A section is a contiguous area of memory generated from code or data defined in a source module. Each section has a type, class, group, and a name. Sections are usually related to the hardware configuration. Therefore, portions of programs stored in ROM are in separate sections from the portions stored in RAM. Sections generated by the Keil C166 Compiler are given names which are composed of a prefix and the name of the source module. Sections generated by the Keil A166 Assembler are given the names specified.

The L166 Linker combines sections with the same complete name (section, class, and group) and same combination type (PUBLIC, COMMON, STACK, ...) from all input modules. The way in which the sections are combined depends on the section alignment and the combination type.

The L166 Linker assigns absolute memory addresses during the locate step. The section size may be changed by combining sections and by the linker SECSIZE directive. In A166 source modules, it is also possible to generate absolute sections with a fixed section size.

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