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Purpose of the Linker

The purpose of the L166 Linker is to:

  • Link object modules generated by the A166 Assembler and C166 Compiler.
  • Link object modules stored in library files generated with LIB166.
  • Build real-time applications that use the RTX166 real-time kernels.

To accomplish these objectives, the linker links object modules and resolves references between them. This allows you to create large programs spread over a number of source modules, object modules, and libraries.

In operation, the L166 Linker:

  • Combines relocatable program modules into a single absolute module.
  • Automatically includes modules from library files.
  • Combines relocatable partial sections (with the same name) into a single section.
  • Allocates and manipulates the necessary memory for all relocatable and absolute sections.
  • Resolves external symbols and public symbols.
  • Defines absolute addresses and computes the addresses of relocatable sections.
  • Produces an absolute object file that contains the entire program.
  • Produces a listing file that contains:
    • Information about the link/locate process,
    • Program symbols,
    • A cross-reference of external and public symbols.
  • Detects errors found on the command-line or during the link/locate process.
  • Supports the RTX166 Tiny and ARTX166 Advanced Real-Time Kernels.

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