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Low Level I/O Routines

The library retarget file has been added to the project in the previous step. The implementation of getkey() and sendchar() is done in a separate file, Serial.c.

Several examples provided with the MDK-ARM include a ready-to-use Serial.c file for various evaluation boards. You can simply re-use such a Serial.c in your project.

  1. If you want to redirect to a different UART or peripheral, create a new file Serial.c and add it to the project.
  2. You may use the following code as a template and adapt it to your needs.
     * Name:    Serial.c
     * Purpose: Low level serial routines
     * Note(s):
     * This file is part of the µVision/ARM development tools.
     * This software may only be used under the terms of a valid, current,
     * end user licence from KEIL for a compatible version of KEIL software
     * development tools. Nothing else gives you the right to use this software.
     * This software is supplied "AS IS" without warranties of any kind.
     * Copyright (c) 2009 Keil - An ARM Company. All rights reserved.
    #include <stm32f10x_cl.h>
      Initialize UART pins, Baud-rate
    void init_serial (void) {
      int i;
      /* Configure UART2 for 115200 baud                                         */
      RCC->APB2ENR |=  1 <<  0;            /* Enable AFIO clock                  */
      RCC->APB2ENR |=  1 <<  5;            /* Enable GPIOD clock                 */
      AFIO->MAPR |= 0x00000008;            /* Configure used Pins                */
      GPIOD->CRL &= 0xF00FFFFF;
      GPIOD->CRL |= 0x04B00000;
      RCC->APB1ENR |= 0x00020000;          /* Enable USART#2 clock               */
      USART2->BRR = 0x0135;                /* Configure 115200 baud,             */
      USART2->CR3 = 0x0000;                /*           8 bit, 1 stop bit,       */
      USART2->CR2 = 0x0000;                /*           no parity                */
      for (i = 0; i < 0x1000; i++) __NOP();/* avoid unwanted output              */
      USART2->CR1 = 0x200C;
      Write character to Serial Port
    int sendchar (int c) {
      while (!(USART2->SR & 0x0080));
      USART2->DR = (c & 0x1FF);
      return (c);
      Read character from Serial Port   (blocking read)
    int getkey (void) {
      while (!(USART2->SR & 0x0020));
      return (USART2->DR);
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