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far Pointers

Pointers to far objects are stored using four bytes (32 bits). The bytes are stored little endian or low to high order. The first word contains the 14-bit memory offset (bits 14 and 15 are always 0). The second word contains the page number (or segment number for function pointers). The memory address is calculated as follows:

Variable Address = (Page * 0x4000L) + Offset

Function Address = (Segment * 0x10000L) + Offset

A far pointer is stored in memory at a word boundary as follows:

  Address+0 Address+1 Address+2 Address+3
Contents Offset (LSB) Offset (MSB) Page (LSB)
Segment (LSB)
Page (MSB)
Segment (MSB)

A far pointer can access objects up to 16K in size in any memory area. Objects larger than 16K must be accessed using huge or xhuge pointers.

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